Q&A with Lauren Hill of ReelCamo Girl and Firearms Policy Coalition


Q&A with Lauren Hill of ReelCamo Girl and Firearms Policy Coalition

Lauren Hill is a passionate (and busy!) member of the outdoor industry. She is not the type to watch from the sidelines – she is the type to jump in and work. When she sees a need, she meets the need. Where she sees a gap, she fills the gap. That’s why she became the founder of outdoor lifestyle brand ReelCamo Girl.

Hill loves the outdoors and has been hunting, fishing, free diving, and shooting her whole life. She is the daughter of a hunter, oldest of seven siblings, wife of a Marine Corp Veteran and Police Officer, and mother. She created ReelCamo Girl to empower women in the outdoors and also to show them that they don’t have to compromise their femininity; that they can still be feminine holding a rifle or bow. The mission, Hill says, is to champion the fierce sportswoman, who thrives on providing for her family, teaching others about ethical and responsible hunting, and living out her passion as an outdoor enthusiast.

That same passion is also why Hill works tirelessly in her role as Director of Corporate Relations with the Firearms Policy Coalition. AllOutdoor (AO) caught up with Hill (LH) for a few quick-fire questions:

AO: Tell me about your role at the Firearms Policy Coalition: what do you do?

LH: I started with Firearms Policy Coalition in September 2021 as Director of Corporate Relations. Prior to that I had been with Safari Club International for several years in business development. My role with FPC is to develop relationships with companies who have a vested interest in supporting our efforts to defend the Second Amendment. FPC’s efforts are focused on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and adjacent issues including freedom of speech, due process, unlawful searches and seizures, separation of powers, asset forfeitures, privacy, encryption, and limited government. FPC focuses on litigation. Government overreach? FPC files a lawsuit. These are things I also believe in to my core, so educating companies on what we do and speaking with them about support is easy. I love my job.

lauren hill
Lauren Hill is the founder of ReelCamoGirl and the Director of Corporate Relations for the Firearms Policy Coalition.

AO: What has been surprising about that role?

LH: It’s surprising how many people and companies don’t realize how fiercely (and often) their natural, individual and constitutional rights are under attack. Particularly the right to keep and bear arms. Many companies in the greater sportsmen’s industry don’t understand the gravity of the situation. Without organizations fighting for the rights of individuals, they don’t have a customer base and for that reason it’s imperative to support the efforts of the organization(s) who align with your beliefs. There is an expectation of those rights always being there.

AO: Tell me about Reel Camo Girl:

LH: ReelCamoGirl is a lifestyle brand focused on women and girls who love to hunt, fish, hike, shoot, dive, etc. RCG offers a (safe) place, through website and social media where people can share their pictures, stories, recipes, etc. We share hunting related news and hot topics from around the industry to keep you up to date! Anyone can be a ReelCamo Girl. We are strong, compassionate, nature & country-loving individuals. We encourage responsible and ethical hunting. We care about the land and wildlife management, and about long term sustainability. We hunt, fish, dive, shoot and hike…for peace of mind, happiness, pure clean protein & connection to the outdoors. ReelCamoGirls can shoot a gun, draw a bow, track an animal, get CAMOed up, bait a hook, clean a fish and still be feminine.

lauren hill

AO: What was the inspiration to start it?

LH: I started ReelCamo Girl in 2015. I grew up hunting, fishing, diving, and shooting but where I grew up, in San Diego, I knew no other female who liked to do any of those things. I wanted to be able to share experiences, ask questions, and post the adventures that I was proud of in a setting where I wouldn’t be attacked by anti-hunters. Out of those wants and needs came ReelCamo Girl.

AO: How has ReelCamo Girl changed?

LH: What started as something that was JUST me for several years has turned into an absolutely amazing group of women and supporters who care deeply about the outdoors. The organic growth of the brand just shows that there are many others who feel and felt like I did at first and wanted a place to connect.

AO: What keeps ReelCamo Girl going?

LH: Truly it’s the amazing volunteers who keep it going. I am so busy with work, three kids, husband and volunteering on the San Diego SCI board that without these amazing women I wouldn’t be able to keep it going. We have a dedicated team who really run ALL of the day to day posts and engagement. I could never thank them enough. Check them out at reelcamogirl.com/prostaff

lauren hill

AO: What do you do for fun?

LH: I love to do all things outdoors but my favorite is spear diving. My family has a house in the Keys and we grew up free diving with sling spears. Nothing like hunting while in the ocean. To eat what you catch/kill/hunt is one of the most rewarding feelings.

AO: What is something people probably don’t know about you?

LH: I don’t think people ever realize how tall I am until they meet me. I am 5’11 and played basketball in college.

AO: What else is important to note/include?

LH: If anyone wants to know more about ReelCamo Girl or Firearms Policy Coalition, they can contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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