POTD: Evans New Model Lever Action Carbine – 1800s Firepower


POTD: Evans New Model Lever Action Carbine – 1800s Firepower

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have an Evans repeating rifle which was an absolute powerhouse of a rifle in its time. It was also fairly expensive and used proprietary ammunition which are factors in its downfall. The Evans Repeating rifle used a chunk cartridge called the .44 Evans and it was no wimp. The thing that adds to the credibility of both the rifle and its cartridge is that it could hold around 28 to 34 rounds of said ammunition. This would demand absolute dominance in a firefight of the old west. It used a helical tubular magazine that extends through the stock sort of like later 22 rifles or even the Spencer rifles. Even though the Evans rifles would have fantastical endorsements from men of the west such as Buffalo Bill Cody it was all for not since Winchester was the top dog in terms of repeating rifles and with John Browning on their side there was no contest.

“This is one of just 4,000 New Model carbines manufactured by Evans Repeating Rifle Co. from 1877-1879. These carbines are easily distinguished from the earlier models by the dust cover on the right side of the action. The top of the barrel is marked “EVANS REPEATING RIFLE MECHANIC FALLS, ME. PAT. DEC. 8, 1868 & SEPT. 16, 1871 U.S.A.” ahead of the rear sight. It has a fixed “pinched” blade front sight and stepped military rear sight. The forearm is attached by a single barrel band, and the buttstock pieces are attached to the casehardened buttplate and an iron ring around the center of the magazine tube. Sling swivels are on the bottom of the butt and the barrel band. No serial number is visible. The Evan’s repeaters boasted the greatest capacity of any production model lever action produced in the U.S. at 28 to 34 rounds!”

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