POTD: Extremely Rare Mauser 06-08 Semi-Automatic Pistol


POTD: Extremely Rare Mauser 06-08 Semi-Automatic Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Today we have a younger brother of the Mauser C96 in the form of this Mauser 06-08. The Mauser C96 was originally chambered for 30 Mauser and was a short recoil action. The Mauser 06-08 was a short recoil flapper locked action, and basically, the only flapper locked handgun out there. Like the Mauser C96, these Mauser 06-08 pistols had a magazine forward of the trigger guard and had a manual safety on the left side albeit above the trigger rather than far at the rear. These pistols were chambered for the proprietary 9×21 Mauser. The flapper lock mechanism is similar in practice to the roller locked process of a CZ52 for example. A set of flapping arms supports the bolt until it reaches safe pressures and releases itself and allowing the bolt to go to the rear. They flap back and forth as the name implies.

“This is an exceptionally rare early Mauser Model 06-08 semi-automatic pistol. This early design was an attempt by Paul Mauser to improve the original Mauser Model 1896 Broomhandle Pistol. It was a new and unique design with several new revolutionary features. The most notable of these was the detachable magazine. This simple design would allow the pistol to be rapidly reloaded by just the insertion of a detachable box magazine. During firing of the pistol, after the last shot, a hold open device would automatically hold the bolt to the rear of the action, and upon insertion of the magazine, it would automatically released the breechblock, stripped a round from the magazine and chamber the cartridge. Very revolutionary for the 1906 era. The pistol also featured a very unique twin-cramming, locking block mechanism, positioned directly behind the breech bolt. This design was somewhat copied from the Mauser self-loading rifle only in a much small configuration. Although very strong, it was also very complicated and expensive to manufacture and was never used or produced again on any other pistol or rifle. The Model 06-08 was manufactured in very small almost test size quantities, and examples of this evolutionary Mauser Pistol are extremely rare. The pistol has a four-inch part round/octagon barrel, detachable magazine located in front of the trigger guard, fixed rear sight and one-piece, wrap-around, finely checkered, walnut grip. The barrel, receiver and frame have a polished rust blue finish. The small parts are heat blued. The three top barrel flats are marked from rig to left: “WAFFENFABRIK/MAUSER/OBERNDORF A.N.”. The underside of the barrel is marked in a single line with: “8,85. 9,12. 250.3”. All components are stamped with the serial number “49”. The magazine has a steel gray finish and is numbered “30” on the back, and the floorplate is numbered “33”.”

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Mauser 06-08

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