POTD: You Da Man! – Fritz Mann Semi-Automatic Pocket Pistol


POTD: You Da Man! – Fritz Mann Semi-Automatic Pocket Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a Fritz Mann pocket pistol chambered in 25 ACP. The Fritz Mann company started by Fritz and his brother had previously manufactured all sorts of stuff like automobile parts, tools, helmets, and even ski accessories. After the end of World War One, Fritz took it upon himself to try the company’s hand at firearm manufacturing. This led to the birth of his patent in 1920 and the Fritz Mann pocket pistol hitting the market in 1921. These pistols are absolutely tiny and can easily be hidden in the palm of the average hand. The Fritz Mann pocket pistol utilizes a five-round magazine that slides into the grip (release is at the front of the grip). A very unique aspect of this pistol in comparison to other pocket handguns at the time is that it is not straight blowback. They use a chamber that has a slightly oversized portion to cause the brass to fireform to it (becoming oversized) and then while cycling under safe pressures the chamber would squeeze that brass cartridge back to normal.

Fritz Mann

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