NEW from Nomad Design Tackle – Slipstream Flying Fish


NEW from Nomad Design Tackle – Slipstream Flying Fish

Giant bluefin tuna off the coast of Southern California will readily feed on two things. Small anchovies and flying fish, with those anchovies too small to use as bait. That leaves you with one option to target these giants, a frozen flying fish skipped under a kite (slipstream flying fish). Frozen flyers have two problems though, their cost and their perishability. With a single frozen bait costing at least $30 unrigged and often sold in packs of three. Have a few packs melt and go soft on you while fishing, will leave your wallet hurting. Alternatively, there are soft plastics like the Yummee Flyer you can use under a kite. They have their own set of problems though, they are a bit fragile and difficult to cast.

That’s where the Aussies from Nomad Design Tackle comes in, with their new lure the Slipstream Flying Fish. Made with a rugged hard plastic body that’s capable of multiple ways of being rigged. The wings and tails are replaceable, letting you repair and customize their look. To help with their cast-ability, the wings will fold back to be more streamlined.

“The SLIPSTREAM Flying Fish is a revolutionary heavy duty Hybrid lure that has been designed to perfectly mimic a flying fish in both appearance and action in the water. It is extremely versatile and can be cast, trolled or fished from a kite, with a huge variety of rigging options to suit your specific style of fishing.

The unique folding wing design allows the wings to fold back when cast for extra distance or when fighting big tuna and marlin for reduced drag through the water. The wings, tail fin and side fins can all be changed or replaced with Nomad Design WING SETS to create your own ultimate flying fish colour scheme.

Extremely versatile, can be cast, trolled or fished from a kite, with a huge variety of rigging options to suit your specific style of fishing. Designed to be trolled up to 8-9kn, the through body rigging means it can be rigged like a conventional skirted lure to slide up the leader when fighting a fish, ensuring fish stay hooked.

When kite fishing, the hook holder channel along the top of the body allows the hook to sit perfectly positioned but completely concealed, meaning the only thing the fish see from below is a completely natural looking flying fish skipping along the surface. The SLIPSTREAM can also be cast into schools of feeding fish or in any other situation to perfectly mimic a flying fish.

Every predator in the ocean loves to eat flying fish, and the Nomad Design SLIPSTREAM has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch big fish.”

Slipstream Flying Fish


The new Nomad Slipstream Flying Fish lures come in eight different color patterns and three sizes: 5.5” 1 3/4 Oz for $39.99, 8” 5 Oz for $59.99, and 11” 13 Oz for $79.99.  All three sizes are can be trolled or fished under a kite.  They can also be rigged as a casting plugs. Check out more of Nomad Design lures at

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