POTD: French 6mm Velo-Dog Double Action Revolver


POTD: French 6mm Velo-Dog Double Action Revolver

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have one of those ridiculous and interesting ideas that were the result of the acceptance of modern technology. You see, back in the day (let us say the 1880s – 1890s) in France bicycles were becoming increasingly popular. At the time bicycles were referred to as velocipedes. They were being widely used enough to notice that stray dogs had a habit of chasing cyclists and biting at their legs. The result? Galand of revolver fame produced a 6mm Velo-Dog Double Action Revolver. These revolvers were intended to be used as either a last-ditch defensive choice or as a deterrent. The 6mm cartridge itself was pretty wimpy as is, but they also produced 6mm cartridges in pepper, wax, cork, and wood loads in order to deliver a less-lethal result.

“The top strap is marked “VELO-DOG” and the left side of the frame ahead of the cylinder is marked with an intertwined “AE” in a circle with “TRADE / MARK” above and below over a circled “P” and “CAL 6″ is marked below the cylinder. The sides of the frame, the top strap and part of the cylinder flats are engraved with a scroll pattern and there is a zigzag bordering on the same parts. Hinged loading gate, ejector rod mounted on the front of the frame which rotates to the right, hammerless frame, folding trigger and fitted with smooth pearl grips.”


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