POTD: Colt Sticking With Cowboys – Colt Stagecoach 22 Rifle


POTD: Colt Sticking With Cowboys – Colt Stagecoach 22 Rifle

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a handy little 22-long rifle carbine in the form of the Colt Stagecoach. These 16.5″ barreled rifles debuted in 1965 along with their longer 19″ barreled Colteer rifles. They were sort of a cheap 22 from what I have read and they came at a time when westerns and anything to do with them were slowly fading out of fashion. They were tubular fed and had a capacity of 13 rounds of standard 22 long rifles. I have seen numerous websites and forums dedicated to the repair and maintenance of these rifles which leads me to believe they are either fragile or problematic, however, I have watched a few videos of them working flawlessly so perhaps they are just like any other 22 rifle. They were discontinued along with the Colt Colteer in the mid-1970s.

Colt Stagecoach

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