POTD: Webley-Fosbery of The 2000s – The Mateba Revolver


POTD: Webley-Fosbery of The 2000s – The Mateba Revolver

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a 21st-century version of the Webley-Fosbery. This is the Italian Mateba Unica 6 semi-automatic revolver. These were introduced by the Mateba company which was known for very strange attempts at revolver design. They had under-cylinder (Olympic style) revolvers. They had revolvers with the barrel at the bottom rather than the top much like the modern Chiappa Rhino. This is the most desirable and sought-after design to come out of the company for its unique action that always makes the revolver have a nice and crisp single action trigger pull.

“Introduced in 2000 this auto-revolver has the standard markings and features a single-action trigger that has a reciprocating cylinder that fires from the bottom chamber rather that the top and adjustable rear and front sights. Fitted with one-piece checkered wooden grips. Made in Italy.”


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