POTD: Civil War Gwyn Campbell Type II “Grapevine” Carbine


POTD: Civil War Gwyn Campbell Type II “Grapevine” Carbine

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have yet another odd American Civil War carbine in the form of the Gwyn Campbell (Gwyn & Campbell) Type II “Grapevine” Carbine. These particular carbines have a unique spot in history since they are Union-made firearms.

Most Civil War-era carbines can be both odd and crude since they came from the Confederacy which did not have a lot of manufacturing power. The Grapevine term was given to the Gwyn Campbell by the Ohio infantry it was issued to because of its loading lever’s vine-like appearance. These used a simple tilt forward block action, paper cartridges, and the ignition source of a percussion cap on top.

“Around 8,200 of these “Grapevine Carbines” were manufactured during 1863 and 1864 by Edward Gwyn and Abner Campbell in Hamilton, Ohio. They were manufactured in the same factory as the Cosmopolitan carbines upon which they are based. This example has a blade front sight, notch and folding ladder rear sight, “GWYN & CAMPBELL/PATENT/1862/HAMILTON” on the lock, “UNION RIFLE” on the right below the nipple, and government inspection markings, including a boxed cartouche on the stock. Many western/midwestern mounted units were issued these carbines during the war.”

Gwyn & Campbell

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