POTD: So Much Potential – Colt Police Positive Special Prototype


POTD: So Much Potential – Colt Police Positive Special Prototype

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a Colt Police Positive Special Prototype. Tomorrow continues the trilogy of Colt Police Positive Special parts on the Curious Relics Segments. In the spirit of buildup, I thought this would be a neat look into what is ahead. There were five issues of Colt Police Positive revolvers and after the third issue they began to change into a more modern Colt revolver look. I do not know much about this particular Police Positive Special Prototype, but I would wager it was either pre-fourth issue or fifth. It features an original four-inch Police Positive Special barrel which makes me think it may be pre-fourth issue. This is because the fourth and fifth issues were renamed/lumped in with the Police Positive revolvers and simply named “Police Positive”.

Police Positive Special Prototype

“The included Colt factory letter identifies this revolver by its serial number (LW1) as a prototype and experimental revolver with low serial number kept by the Colt factory. The letter also confirms the caliber, barrel length, aluminum alloy frame, checkered black rubber wraparound finger groove grips with gold plated Rampant Colt medallions and with a “special matte finish”. The serial number is marked in electric pencil on the inside of the frame. The right side of the barrel has the one line Hartford address and the left side is marked “POLICE POSITIVE/38 SPECIAL CTG.”, with the Rampant Colt on the left side of the frame.”

Lot 2802: Documented Experimental Prototype Colt Police Positive. (n.d.). Rock Island Auction Company. photograph. Retrieved May 16, 2022, from https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/75/2802/documented-experimental-prototype-colt-police-positive.

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