POTD: Pre Frommer Stop Pistol – The Frommer Model 1910


POTD: Pre Frommer Stop Pistol – The Frommer Model 1910

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a real ugly duckling of a handgun. This is the Frommer Model 1910 which is widely considered the first test run of what would become the Frommer Stop which is a much better known early 1900s handgun. This awkward guy is an updated version of what was the Model 1901. It went from having a fixed internal magazine fed by stripper cli0p to a detachable box magazine in the grip. It has a grip safety and no manual safety. It fired a very small Frommer cartridge that was smaller than 380 and even 32 ACP. The Frommer Stop is commonly referred to as one of the very few pistols that use a long recoil action but the Frommer Model 1910 also utilized this recoil system.

“The predecessor to the Frommer Stop Pistol, the Model 1910 uses a long recoil action and a detachable magazine. Fixed sights, with the Budapest address and Frommer patent markings on the left side plate, serrated ring hammer, grip safety, ribbed hardwood grips and a concentric ribbed hardwood magazine base.”

Frommer Model 1910

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