POTD: For The Bear Behind The Bear – S&W 500 Emergency Survival Kit


POTD: For The Bear Behind The Bear – S&W 500 Emergency Survival Kit

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a cool bit of late 2000s history. This is the S&W 500 Emergency Survival Kit! These guys were made in limited numbers and were intended for survival situations. The survival situations lean a little heavily into the whole bear defense aspect. The kit includes one of the biggest revolvers available on the market in a short barrel with  “Bear Attacks of the Century” by Mueller and Reiss. The kit is a blaze orange hard case with gray/black foam lining. The package includes the contents specified below!

“It has the standard Emergency Survival kit features on the gun and a case containing the revolver, two Space-brand emergency blankets, a S&W Extreme Ops folding knife with pouch and 4 inch half-serrated blade, six wax firestarter pellets, a Cochlan spark bar, Rescue Flash signal mirror, Silva Polaris pathfinding compass, Supreme “Unbelievable” hand chainsaw, signal whistle, manual, papers, and “Bear Attacks of the Century” by Mueller and Reiss.”

S&W 500 Emergency Survival

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