POTD: Oh Lucky Day – Colt Cloverleaf Rimfire Revolver


POTD: Oh Lucky Day – Colt Cloverleaf Rimfire Revolver

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a very ornate version of a Colt House Pistol. The Colt House revolver is often more so-referred to as the Colt Cloverleaf. Despite its size and largely unknownness, it is a landmark for Colt’s revolvers. It was not only their first revolver to be marketed as a home defense weapon (hence the “Colt House Pistol”) but it was also their very first production revolver that featured a top strap. These little Colt revolvers received their nickname from the shape of their cylinders. The cylinder has deep recesses rather than shallow ones that give its four chambers a very distinctive “cloverleaf pattern”. This particular one was chambered for the 44 Rimfire cartridge but I believe it was also made in 30 Rimfire or 41 like some early derringers.

“Manufactured in 1871. Includes a modern case with blue lining and a cartridge block with 13 rounds of ammunition.”

Colt Cloverleaf

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