POTD: Ahead of its Time – FN P90 Submachinegun


POTD: Ahead of its Time – FN P90 Submachinegun

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have an FN PS90 which is the semi-automatic civilian version of the FN P90. I saw this scrolling through and decided it would be a good opportunity to talk about the standard FN P90 since it has an interesting story. So, beginning as far back as the 1980s in the Cold War there were rumblings about the need to defeat Russian body armor. FN began development on a small defensive weapon that used a cartridge that could defeat said body armor. The result was the P90 and it was a crazy-looking and feeling gun. I personally have actually gotten to play with the real deal quite a bit since I worked at FN America for a short time. The 20 or 50-round magazine is a strange design in that when you look at it all the ammunition faces perpendicular to where it should face. What happens is the cartridges get carried down a spring-loaded spiral staircase of sorts as they feed into the chamber.

“Introduced in 2005 as a semi-automatic, civilian legal version of the P90 personal defense weapon. Standard markings and fitted with a dummy suppressor, ambidextrous disc safety and charging handles, and FNH USA red dot sight.”


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