POTD: Chunky Uzi-looking Shotgun – The Techno Arms Mag-7


POTD: Chunky Uzi-looking Shotgun – The Techno Arms Mag-7

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a very strange-looking chunk of a shotgun. This is the South African Techno Arms Mag-7 pump-action shotgun. These were introduced in the late 1980s as a self-defense/police weapon. It is/was (the imported “American” versions have stocks and longer barrels) a pump-action, 16mm, concealable shotgun.

They were originally configured with short barrels and some had folding skeletal style stocks, but most were wielded with just a pistol grip. They use a box magazine that slides into the pistol grip much like modern handguns. The 16mm ammunition I mentioned earlier is a South African cartridge proprietary to the Techno Arms company that originally manufactured it, but apparently 12 Gauge functions in the American ones just fine since they use a different barrel. As mentioned the Techno Arms Mag-7 utilizes a detachable box magazine hidden in the pistol grip. This magazine holds seven shotgun shells; hence, the name of Techno Arms Mag-7.

Techno Arms Mag-7
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons
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