POTD: Nobody Asked – US Fire Arms Manufacturing Zip 22 Pistol


POTD: Nobody Asked – US Fire Arms Manufacturing Zip 22 Pistol

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a picture of a widely despised 22-long rifle “pistol.” This is the US Fire Arms Manufacturing Zip 22 Semiautomatic Pistol. It is often referred to as the Zip 22. The Zip 22 is a box-like blocky 22 pistol with basically zero (zip) ergonomics. They are notoriously finicky and picky on ammunition and even more so with Ruger 10/22 (yes it uses the Ruger 10/22 rotary pattern magazine) extended high capacity magazines. Besides the terrible ergonomics and the Zip 22lr being a picky plinker it also is a tad bit dangerous due to its awkward front charging peg. Similar to older Winchester semiautomatic rifles this has a front peg that is depressed in order to “rack” the action. Much like Winchester’s “Widowmaker” shotgun this handgun has the potential to cause harm since its charging peg is out by the muzzle.

“With matching factory box, extra springs, screws, optic rail, and papers.”

Zip 22

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