Northside Hargrove Mid Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boot


Northside Hargrove Mid Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boot

Lightweight, durable, and brilliantly designed – that is the Northside Hargrove Mid Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boot in a snapshot. First and foremost: these boots are incredibly lightweight! Weighing in at only 15 ounces per shoe, these beauties will not weigh down the trip. I’m a small-framed female hiker with short legs, so sometimes durable boots seem to weigh me down. These boots provided all the benefits of good hiking boots without the heavy, clunky feel.

The rubber outsole means business. Somehow, this thing is sturdy and super shock-absorbent without feeling dense. The deep-cut rubber tracks have lots of grip, but do not sacrifice the promise to be lightweight. Rest assured there will be plenty of traction in these boots whether hiking in wet or dry conditions. Although not pertinent to the performance of the boot, this review would be incomplete without mentioning the attractive design and the color-pop of redwood against the teal. From top to bottom, these boots are really sharp.

The Northside Hargrove Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots have all the features a hiker would need in a decent boot. The waterproof rip stop nylon and fused, seamless upper material will help keep feet dry for adventures in any conditions. The abrasion-resistant toe guard and heel stabilizer provide extra protection while the breathable (and washable) insole and lightweight compression molded midsole provides serious cushioning for hardworking feet.

One point of contention: there is a handy pull tab on the tongue of the boot but it lacks one on the back where it would be just as useful, if not more so. The Northside Hargrove Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot retails between $75 and $85.

The Northside outdoor footwear company has a simple mission to offers products that perform every bit as much as the fancier brands, but that don’t require a decoder or instruction manual to understand. The Hargrove Mid Waterproof Women’s Hiking Boot fits the mission. Since 1985, the company has been based in the same small Pacific Northwest town of Marysville, Washington.

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