POTD: Rare Steyr Model 1912 Cut for a Shoulder Stock


POTD: Rare Steyr Model 1912 Cut for a Shoulder Stock

Welcome to today’s Photo of the DayHere we have a unique and lesser-known World War One era handgun. This is the Steyr Model 1912 pistol, sometimes referred to as the Steyr Hahn, Steyr Hammer, or I have even heard Steyr 1911. The Steyr Model 1912 is a very cool bit of history since it was basically rejected by the Austrian government who eventually adopted it. You see, when World War One hit and raged on the world had to work with what it had and what it could get the Austro-Hungarian Empire was not capable of ample importation of certain small arms. One small arm, in particular, was handguns. Most nationalities had evolved to use semiautomatic pistols and Austria was no different. The Steyr Model 1912 was submitted for military trials but rejected. When the world went to war their standard issue sidearm was still a black powder revolver. The result? Austria adopted the Steyr Model 1912 in its proprietary 9×23 Steyr cartridge (now referred to as 9mm Steyr).

“Fixed sights, with “crown/Md.1912” and “STEYR 1914” on the left side of the slide, and “6104c” and a circled small “S” on both the slide and frame. Fitted with a smooth trigger, serrated hammer, checkered grips and a lanyard ring. A 1 1/4 inch long dovetail channel has been milled into the grip frame on either side at the rear of the grips, with a square notch on the backstrap near the bottom. This is unique, as the traditional method of attaching the stock uses a cup on the stock which the whole grip nests into, as opposed to this method which bears a resemblance to the mounting styles used on American and Spanish Model and Star pistols, respectively.”

Stery Model 1912

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