AllOutdoor Review: Grovtec QS 2-Point Sabre Sling


AllOutdoor Review: Grovtec QS 2-Point Sabre Sling

In my opinion, a functional sling is essential equipment on most long guns. Recent history has seen an evolution in sling designs, with movement away from fussy three-point designs in favor of one-and two-point attachment slings. Further improvements include the integration of quick-adjust features on two-point slings. Last month, Grovtec, of Oregon, announced just such a new sling. It’s called the QS 2-Point Sabre. I’ve had the chance to try it out recently. Here’s what I found.

The first happy discovery is that the sling comes standard pre-fitted with a swiveling plunger/loop attachment on each end. No additional shopping for hardware is needed, so long as your rifle or shotgun already sports plunger receptacles.


It’s not the sling’s fault that I’m less than thrilled with the rear attachment point. On the stock that comes standard with most Battle Company Manufacturing rifles, the plunger receptacle is recessed. I soon discovered this seemingly bulk-saving feature eliminates the swivel function, as it traps the loop at a single angle. It’s not a big deal for range use. However, if I were covering ground with this rifle and needed to change positions every so often for fatigue prevention or navigating obstacles, it does sacrifice a bit of handiness. It’s not so uncomfortable thus far to inspire me to look, but there’s surely an extended plunger out there somewhere. Again, this drawback is limited to stocks that have recessed, trappy molding around the attachment point.

Besides standard hardware, another good feature of the Sabre sling is its ability to be re-sized to fit more than one height/body type. Sliders on each end allow the user to customize length so the sling is a good fit for their body. I like the way it’s adjustable on each end, as that allows custom and strategic placement of the rapid adjustment loop. Some other big-name, quick-adjust slings only allow shortening from one end. For my short self, that can end up in the rapid adjustment loop/handle being anything but rapid, as it rides behind the top of my shoulder. The Sabre is in Goldilocks territory where fit is concerned.

Adjustment loop

The adjustment loop itself is also just right. Not too big so as to catch on objects in the field, and not so small as to be difficult to use. A thumb hooked through it draws it in the desired direction in a hurry. Grovtec thoughtfully lined the loop with a thin black, leather-like material that probably adds some durability and definitely lends a custom look.

Branding is subtle and classy on this sling. It’s limited to an inch-square, sewn-on, black-on-black rubber patch. If you’re into being a walking billboard for your gear’s brand, this is not the sling for you.


The single-layer, inch-wide webbing that makes up the body of the Sabre is lightweight and highly flexible. Those who prefer stiff, padded slings should look elsewhere. I quite like its lack of bulk and great maneuverability. Especially as a back-up sling for traveling hunters, competitor, or trainers, it’s ideal as it takes up very little weight and space. The hardware is a combination of polymer and metal, with the main load-bearing one being metal. For hunting or tactical use, the polymer sliders at each end mean there’s almost no sound signature coming from this sling, and therefore no use to wrap the hardware in athletic tape or similar materials that become sticky pet hair collection points later.

Grovtec did provide me with a free sling in order to do this review. Without hesitation, I’ll say this is one sling I’d be happy to pay for. It’s already become a valued regular in my rifle rotation. That’s because it’s easy to transport, completely non-fussy to install and remove, and adjustable for anyone. It’s not unusual for someone to show up for class with a sling that is inadequate for even a two-hour class in rifle manipulation. No worries, this one is easy to transfer from one gun onto another in class situations. It’s a value option on the quick-adjust, two-point sling scene at $60 (order direct), especially when the included hardware is considered. Not to mention the color choices – black, coyote brown, multicam, and multicam black – are enough to please most any hunter or tactician.Grovtec

Being prepared with a long gun most often includes having a sling that will allow for hands-free carry in front of or behind the body. In today’s world, it includes the option to transition from a shorter, carrying sling to a longer one for shooting, especially if it’s necessary to drop into prone. It’s an advantage to have a non-elastic, two-point sling that can be used as a shooting support for distance shots. Being able to stow the sling, on or off the gun, in tight spaces is another asset. Grovtec’s QS 2-Point Sabre checks all the boxes.

Riton Optics supplied the 3Tactix scope and mount that appear in the photos.

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