POTD: AR7 and Charter Arms Explorer II Maintenance


POTD: AR7 and Charter Arms Explorer II Maintenance

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! This is more or less a way to let any curious mind that has been keeping up with the Curious Relics series know that there is a new article on the disassembly and maintenance of the AR7  platform. This includes Charter Arms Explorer II. As I have covered the Explorer II pistol I have talked about how it can be a difficult and finicky gun to work with if it has not been maintained. Up until recently, I had not written about any information that may help the function of these cool 1980s pistols. The article is live and available on our sister site TheFirearmBlog.com. The article is available here! Head over there to check out some AR7 and Charter Arms Explorer II Maintenance. If you are not familiar with the AR7 platform feel free to look back at this most recent Curious Relics article which provides additional links to additional information.

Explorer II Maintenance
Explorer II Maintenance – Inside of a Charter Arms Explorer II Pistol
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