POTD: A Distant Relation to the Mauser 1914 – The CZ27


POTD: A Distant Relation to the Mauser 1914 – The CZ27

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a very interesting clandestine style World War Two pistol. This is a CZ27 and it has an extended barrel meant for a silencer to be attached. Now, despite the scarcity and uniqueness of this “spy” style gun, I wanted to touch on it for its relevance to the Mauser 1910 series of handguns. I have been covering the Mauser 1914 on the Curious Relics segment of AllOutdoor ( those articles are Here and Here) so I thought I would mention a cool tidbit in that the CZ27 is related to the Mauser 1914. Mr. Josef Nickl was a very promising engineer with lots of ideas who was brought on to help the Mauser company achieve its “family of pistols” idea. He is also the father of the CZ27 in that he went to Czeclosovkia to assist in creating a new military handgun. He combined the then military handgun which was a CZ24 with his Mauser designs and the result was a straight blowback 32 ACP handgun that combined features of the two aforementioned pistols.

“This is a very scarce example of the CZ model 27 pistol that was manufactured with the longer barrel intended for attaching a small silencer. The pistol itself is a standard late war version that is marked on the left side of the slide with “fnh Pistole Model 27 Kal. 7.65” along with the serial number on the top of the slide and right side of the frame. There is a small “WaA76” Waffenamt proof on the right rear side of the frame and the barrel is correctly marked with a single German “Eagle” firing proof over the chamber area. Standard fixed sights and dark brown checkered wraparound grips. The magazine is marked “P Mod 27″ on the bottom.”


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