POTD: The Biggest Little Brother – The Mauser 1910


POTD: The Biggest Little Brother – The Mauser 1910

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a recap/excerpt from the most recent Curious Relics article on the variations of the Mauser 1914. The Mauser 1914 itself did not really have any variations but what it did have (and it was intended to be this way) was a family of autoloading pistols. This is the Mauser 1910 which technically is the Mauser 1914’s big little brother. The first Mauser 1910s was a pocket-style handgun in 25 ACP. They sported a 3-inch barrel and a one-piece wraparound grip. The main discernible difference between this 1910 and later ones is the side plate latch on the lefthand side of the gun. This was made to provide easy access to the internal parts for cleaning and repair. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that the average Joe was not totally considerate or educated on how to do any of that and there were parts loss or breakage situations popping up. This was later removed in the Mauser 1910/14 variations.

“Manufactured in 1910. This early side latch model 1910 features standard German “crown/crown/U” proofs on the slide and barrel, the Mauser banner logo on the left side of the frame, standard Oberndorf address on the left side of the slide and the scarce American retailer mark of “VON LENGERKE & DETMOLD. NEW-YORK” on the right side of the slide. Fitted with a nitre blue trigger, and a serrated safety toggle with button release, and checkered grips with the Mauser Oberndorf monogram on the sides. The pistol includes an equally rare leather holster for the Mauser 1910. The inside of the top flap is marked with a “MAUSER 6.35″ ink stamp and a circular ink stamp with an eagle over a swastika in the center and indistinguishable lettering around the outer edge. The stamp is similar to Nazi feldpost and document stamps of the era.”

Mauser 1910

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