NEW Daiwa Evergreen SB-150 Patterns – Topwater Chaos Continues!


NEW Daiwa Evergreen SB-150 Patterns – Topwater Chaos Continues!

I don’t care what people say no matter what you’re chasing, there’s nothing that beats a topwater strike. If you think otherwise, I’m sorry but your opinion is wrong. To get those explosive blowups by bass Daiwa Evergreen originally put out the SB-125 popper, a regal topwater plug that has captivated bass anglers worldwide. Based on popular demand Evergreen released the larger SB-150 popper, and now they are releasing six brand new wicked patterns to the SB-150 lineup.

The SB-150’s distinctive design makes for a more subdued popper that splatters, spits, and bubbles. All the while it will move in a walk-the-dog manner like a spook. This hybrid action can draw in the bass from far and wide to blow up on it. The SB-150 comes in at 5-7/8-inch (150mm) and 1-9/16-ounce (44.5g) and comes equipped with a trio of wicked sharp #2 treble hooks, with the rear hook tied with tantalizing feathers.

NEW SB-150 Patterns: Topwater Chaos Continues

The SB-150 has an elongated body design that minimizes air resistance on the cast. It also has internal tungsten weights in the rear to guarantee incredible casting distances even against the wind. This incredible range lets you cover more water faster. Moreover, the SB-150’s perfect balance in the water allows it to make quick, consecutive turns without popping out of the water, imitating a panicked baitfish running along the surface.

The SB-150’s cosmetics add to its overall effectiveness. The lure features stunningly accurate eyeballs, scale patterns, and authentic gills. Layered airbrushing creates added realism, as nature’s palette of colors are seldom stark.

New colors include Full Metal, Glow Shad Duzzlar, Flash Wakasagi, Flash Clear Shad, Ghost Olive Shad, Silver Flitter Shad, adding to existing patterns, Bone, Natural Gill and Black Bone. MSRP $23.99. New colors available 2023.

The Ever Green Shower Blows SB-150 is a big-bass bully. And with six new patterns to choose from, expect the beatdowns to continue.

NEW SB-150 Patterns: Topwater Chaos Continues

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