Home On The Range #030: Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Camera


Home On The Range #030: Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Camera

Last week on “Home on the Range,” we discussed some of the different uses for trail cameras that people may deploy them for. There can be a lot of reasons, but for most people it falls into one of two categories: surveying wild game (hunting, trapping, game management, etc) or surveying property (security system, documentation, deterrent, etc). This week we are going to discuss some of the finer points of the Moultrie Mobile Delta Base cellular trail cameras that I have been using this year, and why you might want to get some yourself.

“Home on the Range” Series on AllOutdoor

Welcome to our reoccurring series of “Home on the Range.” Here, we would like to share all of our experiences for those who may be homesteading, living off the land, hunting, farming, ranching, and truly investing in nature and the great outdoors. The ability to provide for yourself and your family can be tremendously rewarding and simultaneously difficult at times. So, in “Home on the Range” we want to share our different exploits so you can learn and hopefully we can receive your feedback along the way as well.

The Motivation for Cellular Trail Cameras

My story of searching out a better solution for trail cameras came about this late spring/early summer. Our family has a modest, little ranch with some angus cattle, Mangalitsa pigs, honey bees, egg-laying chickens, and enough room to go hunting. Its our slice of paradise. The sanctity of our oasis got brutally violated one day when we came out to our ranch to see the front door of our shed was violently kicked in (almost). The door was utterly caved in, destroyed, and could not be opened. Thankfully, nothing was stolen, but an attempt was made. This left us pissed off, sad, and disenchanted with the world. Our solution to this was to finally dive in and get cellular trail cameras to instantaneously document anyone who shouldn’t be on our property.

We had been toying with the idea of cellular trail cameras for years and this was the final motivating straw. Our previous trail cameras were some of those el cheapos that we all have bought and you inevitably wait for them to fail or die on you. We’re not here to throw other brands under the bus, but we are not talking about Moultrie here. So, when we mentally committed to getting cellular trail cameras I polled all of my hunting friends, neighbor farmers, essentially anyone who I thought might already own one. Pretty much everyone pointed me towards Moultrie Mobile’s line of cellular trail cameras.

moultrie mobile delta base
Our mangalitsa pigs of Pearl (Left, Female) and Hamlet (Right, Male)

Moultrie Mobile had the reputation of being reliable, having easy-to-use/easy-to-setup cameras, and good customer service in case Bigfoot damages a trail camera out in the field. So, with all of that being said, we reached out to Moultrie Mobile to test out some of their cellular trail cameras this year.

Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Trail Cameras

Moultrie was glad to work with AllOutdoor on testing some of their cellular trail cameras, and they sent out their New for 2022 Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Trail Cameras. I had not gone into depth researching this specific trail camera until it arrived. Moultrie, honestly, did a great job with this one giving it a lot of features.

  • Unlimited plans as low as $7.99 per month when adding multiple cameras to a single Pro Series plan
  • Annual plans offer more dollar savings for year-round power users
  • Free unlimited cloud storage — no purging of images after 30 days
  • Activity Charting lets you see which camera locations have the highest traffic for bucks, does, and turkeys based on the time of day, temperature, and moon phase
  • Species recognition (buck, doe, turkey, person, vehicle – and more to come!) with SmartTags for advanced image filtering and customized alerts
  • Maps for hunt planning and property management
  • Weather Forecast designed for hunters, with hourly and daily forecasts providing all the data points you need as you head to the field
  • All advanced features are free for all users without up-charges or extra club membership fees
Moultrie Mobile Delta Base
Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Trail Camera

One of the many elements I like about the Moultrie Mobile Delta Base is that it works off of common cellphone company plans (Verizon or AT&T). It is not like you are utilizing some unknown, sketchy cellphone plan to run these cameras. Another thing I appreciated is that you can set different photo dump times to your cellphone.

For all of the “game cameras” I set out – ones specifically meant to catch deer, raccoons, animals, etc – I let those dump photos once per day. It is less taxing/draining on the battery of the cellular trail camera, but I still feel very in tune to my property. The one camera I set up to specifically survey and watch our property for trespassers is set to send out photos immediately. This drains the battery of the camera a lot faster, but we do get a notification/warning before the batteries are completely dead.

moultrie mobile delta base
The battery storage compartment for the Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Trail Camera.

Overall, I have been using these Moultrie Mobile Delta Base cellular trail cameras for a couple months now and it has been going swimmingly. The photos are exciting to look through everyday because you never know what kind of wildlife you are going to get, and thankfully, no one has tried to break into our property since we installed these cellular trail cameras.

We will continue this journey of using cellular trail cameras in future weeks of the “Home on the Range” because there is simply a lot to cover and discuss. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! Are you interested in investing in cellular trail cameras? Do you already have some that you have been using for awhile? Are they Moultrie Mobile? We always appreciate your feedback.

moultrie mobile delta base

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