NEW Wilson Combat Sights for Modern Colt Pythons & Anacondas


NEW Wilson Combat Sights for Modern Colt Pythons & Anacondas

For those of us who immediately jumped on the Colt wheelgun bandwagon when the new Colt Pythons and Anacondas began coming, there is good news in sight for their iron sights. Wilson Combat has introduced improved front and rear sights for both models that require no modification of the revolver itself. You can simply trade out parts and instantly improve your sight picture whether it is for hunting, recreation, or target shooting.

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Wilson Combat Adjustable Target/Tactical Rear Sight for Colt 2020 Python/Anaconda

The new Wilson Combat Target/Tactical rear sights for Colt Pythons and Anacondas are adjustable and come in 2 different options. You can either get an adjustable U-Notch rear or a Square-Notch rear; whatever is your particular preference. Both of them have an MSRP of $109.95 at the time of their release. Some of the other specifications for these rear sights can be read below as presented by Wilson Combat:

  • Material: Chromoly Steel, black oxide finish
  • Blade Type: Partially serrated U-Notch & Square Notch
  • Rear Sight Notch: 0.125” width Square Notch / 0.150″ width U-Notch, 0.099” depth
  • Dovetail: 2020 New Colt Python and Anaconda only
  • Elevation & Windage Adjustments: Yes
  • 100% USA Made

Wilson Combat has developed a fix for what we consider the weakest link in the new 2020 Python and Anaconda models-the factory sights. Our new click adjustable rear sights mated with our new snag free front blades will give you a bigger, bolder sight picture that is easily click adjustable on the range. 

Wilson Combat Snag Free 2020 Colt Python/Anaconda Front Sight

The new Wilson Combat front sights being offered are sold separately of their rear sight counterparts. So, you can create 8 different pairings of a front/rear sight combo that suits your fancy. The two fiber optic front sights of Red and Green have an MSRP of $39.95 while the Gold and White Gold front bead retail for $79.95 each. All of the nitty-gritty specs for the front sights can be read below as presented by Wilson Combat:

  • 0.180” height
  • 0.125” wide
  • Choice of red/green fiber optic or 10K gold bead insert in a serrated ramped blade
  • 2020 Python/Anaconda factory replacement height
  • Supplied with new retention screw/wrench
  • 100% USA Made

The new, modern renditions of the Colt Python and Anaconda were an answered prayer for many revolver collectors because they are so iconic in cinema, and tales of their accuracy are legendary. Now, with better sighting options from Wilson Combat maybe some of us can create our own historic stories and feats of accuracy with these new “Snake Guns.” As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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