POTD: Custom Lugers of Yesteryear – Martz Custom 45 ACP Luger


POTD: Custom Lugers of Yesteryear – Martz Custom 45 ACP Luger

Welcome to today’s Photo of the Day! Here we have a photo of an excellent presentation custom Luger pistol in 45 ACP. This custom work was done by none other than John Martz. John Martz started a gunsmithing hobby after the end of World War Two and had an aptitude for working on Luger pistols. Here and there he began doing custom work whether it be upgrading features or rechambering and barreling. One such modification that he was known for was basically making the safety lever act as a slide release if necessary rather than the operator removing the magazine to drop the toggle lock.

“Operating out of his home workshop in California, John Martz is best known for his alterations and upgrades of Luger and P-38 pistols, all of which were performed by him and often take several months of work. Manufactured using a combination of new-made components and vintage Luger parts, this pistol takes the overall form and configuration of an early production Navy Luger and up-sizes it to run the 45 ACP cartridge. Blade front and 2-position notch rear sight with “100” and “200” graduations. With “45 ACP JVM” on the underside of the barrel, “crown/”N” on the left side of the blank chamber, and “JVM” on the front toggle link. The left side of the slide bears the “MSTR” Martz toggle release mark ahead of the side plate, “JVM” and “45” beneath the side plate, and “JOHN V. MARTZ/45 acp – No 45/PRESENTATION” above the grip. Fitted with a pair of fancy checkered walnut grips and a custom bright steel magazine with “2” numbered hardwood “JVM” base.”


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