NEW Yama Craw from Yamamoto Baits: Fast, Tight Irresistible


NEW Yama Craw from Yamamoto Baits: Fast, Tight Irresistible

Yamamoto Baits has proudly unveiled its newest soft plastic bait, the brand-new Yama Craw. This bait is designed to provide a fast and tight action designed to be irresistible to fish. This new soft plastic crawfish bait has been designed to fill voids in both the Yamamoto Bait line of lures as well as the bass fishing industry itself.

“Our new Yama Craw has the combination of size, shape, and action that makes it a winner in all types of water,” says Yamamoto pro Cody Meyer. “This bait is pro-tested, nature-inspired, and fish-approved.”

The new Yama Craw is made from Yamamoto Bait’s new and exclusive “Mega Floater Formula”. This new soft plastic makes for a softer plastic and better buoyancy from the craw baits. This is the same material used for Yamamoto Bait’s popular Ned Senko and Slinko soft plastic baits.

“The formula allows you to rig a Yama Craw countless ways,” explains Crispin Powley, VP of Fishing for GSM Outdoors. “The Yama Craw will stand up every time it hits the bottom, mimicking the natural defensive posture of a crawfish. The floating claws will allow you to fish it as slow as you need to.”

The new Yama Craw is 4 inches long and comes in 19 different fish-catching colors. The baits will come in a pack of six and are available for sale now from your favorite fishing retailers.

“This is going to be a gamechanger,” says Powley. “I truly believe that because of its unique qualities and lifelike presentation, the Yama Craw is this best football jig trailer ever created.”

yama craw

For almost 40 years, Yamamoto Baits have proven themselves to be a leading brand for every level of angler – from professional to entry-level. For more information on the Yamamoto line of products, visit their website HERE, or find them on Facebook and other social media avenues.

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