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This video isn’t as succinct as the one where the guy forges a tomahawk from a wrench, but this project also involves a whole lot more work. We watch as he takes a block of steel and transforms it into a good, solid working hatchet. I like everything he did except for the handle. Among[.....]


In these photos posted to imgur, we see articles left over from World War II (purportedly in Russia), which have become partially swallowed by trees growing up around them. Some of the trees must have been somewhat mature when the items were left there, such as this rifle that was probably leaned up Read More…


Henry TV is up and kicking with two half-hour episodes on their company and products. Anthony Imperato himself sits down with us for a good hour of stories and showcases the rifles himself. Henry claims, “It’s all about our customers,” and having been on the receiving end of the Read More…