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Miggo Strap & Wrap–Combination Binocular Case and Neck Strap

This unique item can be used to keep your binocs at the ready, or to protect them.

Miggo Strap & Wrap Binocular Case Plus Strap

Now this is cool. The folks at Miggo, an Israel-based company that got its start via Kickstarter, have expanded their nifty multi-purpose protective gear to include binoculars as well as cameras. Their first product was the Strap & Wrap for cameras, an interesting thing that acts as a cushioned Read More…

Make Some Noise for Safety

Falcon Sound 911 Personal Safety Horn

Falcon Sound 911 Personal Safety Horn

Some outdoor sports put us in harm’s way, and life is unpredictable. This air horn might be something worth taking with you the next time you head into the great outdoors. It’s made by Falcon Signal Horns, and it packs quite a punch. With one little burst, I was convinced that it could Read More…

Gemtech GM22 Suppressor

Maintenance-friendly design with asymmetric baffle stack

1920s Maxim silencer next to its mailing tube. It retailed for about $3 and could be shipped directly to the purchaser by mail.

The rimfire silencer has not changed much since its invention in the early 1900s. Most silencers (now known more as sound suppressors in the US or moderators in the UK) are comprised of a robust machined blast chamber and lighter baffles in a stack. Since oppressive regulations made silencers into Read More…

Triple Aught Design: Pursuit Half-Zip


Triple Aught is one of my favorite gear makers right now, and they’ve just announced a slick-looking, half-zip, wool sweater called the Pursuit. The Pursuit has a high fashion design aesthetic wrapped in performance base layer technology. Made from Polartec® Power Dry wicking polyester, our Read More…

Rangefinder Basics


At the press of a button, rangefinders bounce a laser beam off your target. An internal clock measures the time it takes for the beam to reach the target and back and calculates the distance to within +/- 1 yard or less. The range is then displayed in yards/meters on an internal LCD display Read More…