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Crossbreed Holsters are a Breed Apart

For a secure, comfortable handgun carry, the Crossbreed Holsters offer both.


You’ve heard the cliché, “I’ve got a box full of holsters, but I’m still searching for just the right design to do what I want a holster to do.” Well, my search is over. Back in 2005 when entrepreneur Mark Craighead tired of his overflowing box of holsters that did not work, he Read More…

Vepr 12 First Impressions

Low-recoil defensive shotgun with interesting features.

Even recoil-sensitive shooters will find Vepr 12 enjoyable.

Vepr (“Wild Boar”) 12 is a Russian magazine-fed shotgun imported Mach 1 Arsenal. Based on the RPK light machine gun receiver, it improves on the original with the addition of a magazine feed tower enabling straight-line insertion. Muzzle brakes, flash hiders, and chokes are available. I Read More…

The Birth of a Tool, Part 1


The maker movement and craftsmanship is back in full swing, and it’s refreshing to see tools and products made by hand. The first part of a documentary created by John Neeman Tools, called The Birth of a Tool, showcases the process of building an axe. John Neeman Tools is a Latvia-based Read More…

Ground Strike Reactive Targets Review

High-visibility plastic targets for shooting practice.

8-inch swinging plate and  Hex Ball Ground Strike targets.

Paper isn’t very reactive, steel is heavy, and it’s not legal to shoot at Nazis, Commies, and their fellow travelers. So what’s a guy to use for marksmanship practice? Ground Strike targets looked like a good option, so I tried a couple of them. The odd-looking Hex Ball is 6 inches Read More…

Crosman 2300S Air Pistol Review

A fun .177 caliber trainer for your back yard.

A budget entry into precision air pistol, Crosman 2300S is a single-shot bolt action powered by a CO2 cartridge.

I’ve been shooting airguns, on and off, for thirty years. In the USSR, break-open .177 pellet guns were common at indoor arcades, and I spent many a 5-copek coin to buy two pellets and launch them against reactive metal targets 5-10 meters away. In 1990 Illinois, my father bought a pump pellet Read More…

Would-Be Killer’s Death by Concealed Carry

He went "looking for someone to kill" and wound up dead.


San Antonio, Texas On Saturday, July 12, a 34-year-old man named Moises Torres raised a ruckus at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Antonio. It was to be his last ruckus. Torres was reportedly banging on sixth-floor hotel room doors and breaking hallway lights as he went. When one woman opened Read More…

Book Takes a Look Inside Mass Killer’s Mind

A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer, by Janice Holly Booth

A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer book cover

Mass murderers do much to damage us as a society. This includes the people they kill, injure, and terrorize; the police officers and emergency medical workers who must bear witness to the horror they leave behind; the citizens left to live with the emotional scars and lack of trust that results from Read More…

Obama vs. Gun Owners: No More Saigas, Kalashnikovs

Executive Order adds sanctions against Saiga and others.

Arsenal Saiga SGL10-01 Rifle

Barack Obama’s latest offense against gun owners comes by way of Executive Order 13662. Purportedly related to Ukraine (yeah, right), this order prohibits business dealings with a long list of Russian individuals and businesses. Although this and all other executive orders are arguably Read More…