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Don’t you hate it when a vehicle breaks down? Just imagine the frustration when a pending SHTF event is about to hit, storm, or accident evacuation and the SUV won’t start or something else breaks down. Many such vehicles failures could be avoided with regular maintenance. My dad used to preach Read More…


One of the neatest things about the AR rifle platform is all of the customizations the gun owner can do to the rifle themselves. Now, granted the majority of factory ARs come with a perfectly suitable handguard so it is not usually necessary to switch it out, but you can. Different missions call for Read More…


How do you hunt deer? Do have a plan laid out thoughtfully over time well in advance of hunting season? Or, rather, do you just charge out of the house one day with a handful of gear and a gun, jump into the truck and blast off to your old stomping grounds? There are a[.....]

Whitetail deer hunting

In the deer hunting community there is a love-hate relationship with deer feeders.  Some people love them, some people hate them. In a previous article we talked about the justification of deer hunting over bait. Which means having a barrel of corn with a timer and motor that throws corn out on the Read More…

Gerber Big Rock

The Gerber Big Rock is an example of a well rounded camping, hiking, backpacking and skinning knife. This is the knife that would be a wonderful gift to a young adult. A knife that can be cherished and memories made with. Gerber Big Rock Overview Weight: just 7.75 ounces and with an overall length Read More…

Get home bag

How well is a gear sling pack suited for a get home bag?. In July of 2016 I went on of my hot weather hiking trips.  These are usually around 10 miles or so.  Due to the summer heat this one it was cut short to around 7 or 8 miles. The pack I took on the[.....]


In the olden days, a black powder revolver front sight could have been a short black post, or a tiny brass ball atop the barrel muzzle. When the Colt SAA came along, the front sight was a rather large flat-sided slab blade. Later came ramp sights on double action guns, then came all sorts of[.....]


For you AR-15 lovers — especially those who enjoy competitive shooting — TFB reports that Timney is developing a drop-in competition trigger that just might become the best thing out there. The trigger was sighted on a factory tour, where TFB’s Patrick R met with Timney’s Read More…