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Mossberg 590 prepping shotgun

In a previous article we talked about the Mossberg 590 and why sportsmen seem to have a love affair with a shotgun that was designed for the military.  Now, let’s take a few minutes and talk about why preppers lavish so much love on the 590. Overall, preppers, and especially urban preppers, Read More…

Snake trap

Cool idea of taking the guard off an electric fan and turning it into a snake trap. It is just a matter of time before humanity faces some kind of event.  It could be social collapse, nuclear war, eruption of the Yellowstone super volcano.. etc. but something will happen to set humanity back.  Read More…

Dog Proof Raccoon Traps

Need to trap raccoons, but have dogs around? Take a look at the dog proof raccoon trap. This is a metal tube with a spring loaded arm that catches the animals the tube. The trick is, the animal has to have an opposing thumb to set the trap off. The trigger is at the bottom of the tube, Read More…


Working-class fishermen in 1950s Key West find themselves in the midst of a deadly hunt for buried pirate treasure that’s already claimed the life of a family friend. Follow the story as it develops and we learn more about the no-nonsense carpenter/fisherman father, his fisherman son, and a Read More…

Mini-14 vs AR-15

The Firearm Blog TV has put together another excellent video.  This one covers the differences between the Mini-14 and the AR-15.  There are a number of subtle differences the video does not cover, but it is otherwise a good video that covers the main differences. Production of the Mini-14 started Read More…

Six nations prepare for major Helmand operation

15,000 troops are set to launch major assaults on Taliban strongholds in Helmand. 

At Camp Bastion the six nations involved in Operation Moshtarak or, are conducting battle preparations. Other troops are carrying out "shaping operations" which have been going on for a number of weeks in Nad Ali district.

Alongside the British troops are soldiers from Afghanistan, Canada, the United States, France and Estonia. The operation has been planned to remove insurgents from areas of central Helmand not previously cleared by ISAF troops.

NATO commanders intend to turn the tide this year on the insurgency. 
Lieutenant General Nick Parker, the British ISAF Deputy Commander in Afghanistan, said that Op Moshtarak was the first part of a three-stage plan to increase security in the country.
He said that after the insurgency in the south had been subdued British forces would move to building capacity in the Afghan National Security Forces and that this would likely become the main effort later in the year.
The third stage will be transition and the reintegration of insurgents and sympathisers into Afghan society through an Afghan-led reintegration policy.

A recent report was released indicating the U.S. Pentagon purchased $28 million worth of camouflage uniforms for the Afghan Army. That fact in and of itself is not such a big deal considering we support militaries all over the world — but doling out that much of our money seems a bit much for Read More…