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M4 carbine (top) and M16A4 rifle.

The Marine Corps Times has reported that the United States Marine Corp has “made the momentous recommendation to ditch the iconic M16 in favor of the M4 carbine as the new universal weapon for infantrymen.” At the heart, the M16A4 and M4 are essentially the same. Each operates in the Read More…


Every gun owner I know eventually learns to tinker on their guns. It is an essential skill for preppers and all survivalists. I mean there are so many things a gun owner can learn to do on their own guns that some gunsmithing skills just seem to come naturally. Working on guns certainly requires Read More…


I remember many years ago reading about some of the first Kahr Arms Double Action Only (DAO) pistols. At the time, they were only made in 9mm and came with an aluminum frame. All the gun writers were singing the praises of the DAO trigger pull, that it was the Rolls Royce of DAO trigger[.....]

ben fishing 2

Fishing is tough when it is 100 degrees with a humidity to match. Most anglers with any sense are probably at the house hugging the recliner in the cool air and watching golf or NASCAR. If summer fishing is in the blood though, some good bass can still be snagged early in the morning and[.....]


It seems silly to bond with a tool, but gear guys and gals know that this definitely happens. Over time you know what it can do, how it works, and you come to rely on it. It’s your ready companion. You can tell, just by weight, that you have that tool on you. Enrique Muyshondt,[.....]