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See All Open Sight by Oversight Shooting Technologies

A light, compact, high-viz open gun sight with no batteries.

See All Open Sight. Correct hunting sight picture is shown on the left.

On one of the last aisles I walked at the 2015 SHOT Show, I ran across a fellow holding a gun with a compact, tough-looking sight. It looked unique and rugged, and the sight picture was not your typical image, either. So I stopped to take a look at the See All Open Sight. I[.....]

Unique Target Holders by Downrange Fabrications, Inc

Clay pigeon clips, folding target backers, and custom target holders.

Target Tripod (left) and Star Target Stand (right)

You never know what you’re going to run across at the SHOT Show Range Day, and I thought the stuff by Downrange Fabrications was pretty cool. The first thing I noticed about their display was that they had a LOT of clay pigeons clipped to their steel target-holding frames, so I stopped to take Read More…

SHOT Show 2015: KAI Keeps the Hits Coming

KIA - 28

KAI USA, better known to folks as a Kershaw and Zero Tolerance, is one of the very few players that has both mass market appeal, with dozens of models in Big Box stores like Wal-Mart and high end credibility producing knives like the ZT0454 that rival customs. Last year was an absolutely stunning Read More…