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Baiting Tips for Hogs


Baiting and using lures are one of the best ways to take wild pigs. Their natural food sources include acorns, snakes, salamanders, grubs, crawfish, fresh plant roots, etc. Dry corn works great, but it can take a while for them to find it. Sour mash can help them find it quicker, but I do Read More…

The Missing Measurement in Gun Specification

Finding the center of balance.


My first three rifles, an SKS, A Mini14 and an AR15A2, had fixed stocks. I gave little thought to my preferred length because there was little I could do about the stock dimensions. Later, as I tried telescoping stocks, I discovered that I almost always used them fully collapsed. For years, I Read More…

Getting Started with a Crossbow

Many states are relaxing archery hunting seasons for deer to the open use of crossbows.

clayton deer 029

Deer hunting with archery gear was something I always wanted to try. I did, too, for several years until I lost my hand grip coming down a wet tree stand ladder and pulled my shoulder doing a lunge grab just before falling. After that, I could not pull my bow all the way back without[.....]

Deer Hunters: Beat The October Lull!


Each year bowhunters become more educated about the facts surrounding the dreaded October lull. It’s the time of year when deer sightings decline and hunters are tempted to believe that whitetail are capable of a full-fledged disappearing act. Thankfully, we are becoming aware of what really Read More…

Early Season Goose Hunting


Hunting resident Canada geese during the early season can be feast or famine. The weather is warm, and geese often settle into established feeding and roosting patterns. Many birds also remain in tight-knit family groups at this time of year, making juvenile birds difficult to lure away from wary Read More…

TriStar Viper Left-Hand Shotgun

A lightweight option for southpaw hunters.

Tristar Viper is a full-size shotgun with 14.25" length of pull.

I am friends with many left-handed shooters. As a result, I am keenly interested in ambidextrous or left-handed arms for their use. Seeing the lightweight Tristar G2 shotgun at a trade show, I got very curious and obtained one for testing. The fit and finish were excellent, and at 7 pounds loaded, Read More…

PETA Drones On

Flying drones to harass hunters supposedly target poachers

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

PETA has long been known to go to extremes to show that it values animals higher than it does people, and lately it’s going to new heights in order to harass hunters. Dubbed “Air Angel,” the almost-year-old program encourages PETA members to drop 325 bucks for a Parrot AR Drone Read More…