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DIY: Too Much Time on Your Hands? Paint Your Gun.

This guy spent hours making hexagons using blue painter's tape

Approximately a jillion tiny pieces of tape were used to mask this gun.

Hmmmm. Some people may have too much time on their hands. Take Reddit user mustardtiger56 for example. A recent Reddit post and photos on Imgur show how patience and time (“4 hours more or less”) can produce a unique and unusual firearm finish. He said he used ultra flat Krylon spray Read More…

Daniel Defense’s New Guns for Summer 2014

Pairs of black pistols and rifles for your shooting pleasure.

Daniel Defense DDMK18 AR Pistol

Daniel Defense (DD) has announced some new guns to their semi-automatic AR offerings, and man they look nice. I resisted the pull of ARs for years, but I finally caved and picked one up some years back. Once they get in your blood, it’s tough to get ‘em out, and DD’s new guns look Read More…

How to Improve Your Bow Shot

Archery target

With hunting season around the corner, many of us are dusting off our bows, grabbing a handful of arrows, and heading out to the range. For some, this is just a fun way to get back outside and enjoy the return of the season. But for myself, I view it as an opportunity to make[.....]

Hunting Camp Work – Refreshing Stands

It's nearly September and fall hunting seasons are just around the corner. Time is now to start getting all your hunting stands ready.


Assessing the status of hunting stands is an annual ritual at deer camp. We usually reserve a full day or two at our camp each year to work on stands. It is amazing what the impact of sitting out in the sun and weather for nearly a year can make on wooden and steel hunting[.....]

Chicago: More Guns, Less Crime

Concealed carry coincides with drop in homicide and other crimes.

Illinois Concealed Carry License

It’s no secret that guns in the hands of citizens prevent crime, and in Chicago, that’s becoming increasingly clear. The Washington Times recently reported the following: “Since Illinois started granting concealed carry permits this year, the number of robberies that have led to Read More…