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VIDEO: Warthog Hunt – Amazing Shot


Watch as this guy shoots a massive warthog from less than 50 yards away. After watching this video, it got me thinking about warthog recipes. Found this recipe/picture and now I want to go on a warthog hunt! Recipe: Leg of Warthog Ingredients: 1 Leg of warthog (if warthog is unavailable, substitute Read More…

Silence! Florida Hunters Can Now Hunt in Peace

FWC votes to rescind 1957 ban on suppressors for hunting in the sunshine state.

A silencer or suppressor with a rifle threaded to accept it.

Key Largo, FL – Back in 1957, it became illegal to hunt game animals using a silencer, a.k.a. suppressor, in Florida. This was probably aimed at poachers, but we all know that lawbreakers don’t obey laws (duh). Beginning today, hunters can use silenced firearms for all kinds of hunting Read More…

Retractable AR Grip May be NY SAFE Compliant

Collapsible telescoping AR grip may also help with gun storage.

White part is the new grip; a sleeve (not shown) will lock it open.

The Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act is a far-reaching New York law that outlaws various common types of rifles and magazines. Well, one NY state inventor says he’s dreamed up a solution to part of the problem. One of the things that SAFE bans is a grip that protrudes Read More…

Jay Leno Wimps Out, Cancels SHOT Show Appearance

The comedian then personally contacted gun control groups.

Comedian Jay Leno

Well-known comedian and former TV host Jay Leno was slated to emcee the annual State of the Industry Dinner this January at the SHOT Show. After some light pressure from anti-gunners, Leno bowed out. SHOT, the annual Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show, is one of the largest such expos in the Read More…

Hunters’ Deer Help Feed Hungry Folks

Hunters for the Hungry help feed Georgia residents.

A hunter with a nice whitetail doe

Georgia Hunters for the Hungry (HFH) was founded in 1993 to help bridge a gap between hunters and needy folks. It works like this: A hunter shoots a deer. If that hunter doesn’t want or need the meat or is simply feeling generous, it can be donated at a participating deer processing facility. Read More…

Gun Sales Brisk in Ferguson, MO Due to Riot Fears

Area gun dealers "selling everything that’s not nailed down."

At an area gun shop.

Gun sales have reportedly grown to a very large extent in the area of Ferguson, MO, which has been the site of civil unrest and brutal attacks by police since a police officer shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. A grand jury is currently deciding whether to indict Read More…