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Forecast the Weather the Old-Fashioned Way

Source: Flickr via watch4u

ITS Tactical tells you how to forecast the weather by looking outside (as opposed to at a TV, computer, or smartphone screen). Now keep in mind that if the national weatherman equipped with Doppler radar and satellite imagery gets it wrong from time to time, you will too. Taking that into Read More…

Troy Industries Drop-in Battlerail


Like many, I recently found myself needing to extend the top rail of my AR for simpler optics mounting.  In this case, the hand guard broke on my DPMS Oracle kit. The Oracle kit has been featured in a number of previous articles, and honestly the gun gets the hell beat out of it on[.....]

Caldwell’s New Wind Meter

Nailing down the exact velocity of wind where you hunt could be a valuable piece of information to have.

Caldwell wind meter

Big game hunters know that wind is perhaps the number one environmental factor that can impact hunting tactics and strategies. Hunters can tell from what direction a wind is blowing by tossing a milkweed in the air, but the speed of that breeze can also be a critical piece of information to have. Read More…

Rugged Shark’s Shoes for Water Recreation

Keeping feet comfortable and dry.


Things tend to get a bit muddy and wet during spring thanks to unexpected rainstorms and the influx of sprinklers fired up in neighborhood lawns. But without the chill of winter, wearing water resistant-boots results in sweaty feet, especially as the weather inches closer to summer. A good pair of Read More…