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22-250 Remington Ammo

The 22-250 cartridge has a long and rich history with century-old roots, and the fact that it remains popular today bears witness to its fine design – and a bit of good fortune. Way back in 1915, the 250 Savage made its appearance on the shooting scene. Designed by Charles Newton and Read More…


There is a new breed of knife maker out there that just ten years ago would never have existed. In the folding knife world there are two camps, usually spanned by a wide chasm. On one side are the traditional knife folks. If it doesn’t have stag on it, well then it’s just a toy.[.....]


The first article discussed the importance and steps of preparing for a hunting trip. This article is going to focus on what to bring. Depending on where you’re going, you could be several miles away from other hunters and/or a town. You rely on your gear, therefore each piece of gear should have Read More…