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Trials with the .35 Whelen

Developed by famous hunter-gun man Townsend Whelen, the .35 is a hopped up 30-06 taking 35 caliber bullets. The mix is an extremely effective cartridge for big game hunting.


When the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks permitted the use of centerfire, single shot rifles for the primitive weapons deer season, the whole face of deer hunting changed in Mississippi. The analysis of that move proved two things. First, it killed the sales of black powder guns, and Read More…

79-Year-Old Florida Woman Shoots at Burglar

"...I got my gun and I chased him through the house..."

Putnam County K9 Unit

Welaka, FL – A burglar learned the dangers of his chosen trade when he was fired upon by a 79-year-old resident. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office posted a statement to their Facebook page saying that an unidentified individual unlawfully entered a home and surprised the elderly owner, Read More…

Video: Groundbreaking New Scope That Works Like an Eye

New optics zoom at the push of a button, will work even without batteries.

RAZAR-modified scope being tested.

The first major change to rifle scope optics technology in more than a century may very well be one of the most important things to hit the shooting world in ages. Sandia National Laboratory has developed a variable power rifle scope that changes magnification by changing the shape of lenses, rather Read More…

DIY: A Homemade 1/9 Scale 9″ Dahlgren Cannon

Here's how one man built a working model of an 1800s cannon.

A finished homemade working model of a cannon.

Photo credits: imgur user sirkeyboardcommando Now this is cool. A fellow who described himself as “an average 26 year old guy with way too much time on his hands” has built himself a nice little cannon. He wanted to model this kind of gun because his great great grandfather manned one Read More…

Don’t Fear Guns: You’re Far More Likely to be Hit by a Car

Stats show vehicles kill 159+ times more often than "mass shootings."


A recent post at Breitbart notes that, even using FBI data (some of which has been called into question), “Americans are roughly 159 times more likely to be struck by a car and killed than shot and killed in a mass shooting.” Whether the FBI numbers are accurate or not, the post used Read More…

Airsoft Photo Gets Students Suspended, Possibly Expelled

Massachusetts school suspends, browbeats students over private photo.

Students With Airsoft Guns Face Expulsion

A young fellow recently posted to an online airsoft community page that his school had suspended and harassed him and his girlfriend over a photo that had nothing whatsoever to do with the school. Yesterday, Facebook user Tito Velez posted to the Mekon Airsoft Facebook page asking, “Please Read More…