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Sure Strike Laser Training Ammunition

A handy aid for mastering revolver trigger control


Most revolvers have excellent inherent accuracy. Several competent shooters have demonstrated ability to hit silhouette targets out to 200 yards even with 2-inch snubbies. However, revolvers remain difficult for new shooters to master, mainly because of the heavy and long double action trigger pull. Read More…

Hog Hunting in North Mississippi

Many states like Texas and Georgia are well known for their over populations of wild pigs, but Mississippi is on the list, too.

Angelia's hog

Some say there is a wild hog epidemic in Mississippi. Others try to downplay it as just another nuisance species that needs a little more control and eradication effort. Either way you choose to look at it the facts are that free ranging packs of wild pigs are rooting their way around the state Read More…

Keltec CMR30 Carbine Nears Public Release

30 rounds of 22WMR on tap

While PMR30 rides in a Jim Ryan custom holster, CMR30 topped with a Lucid M7 red dot is in action.

While PMR30 rides in a Jim Ryan custom holster, CMR30 topped with a Lucid M7 red dot is in action. Between the pistol, the carbine and one magazine pouch, the shooter has 90 rounds available.[/caption] The long-awaited companion carbine to Keltec’sĀ 22WMR pistol is finally nearing public Read More…

League of Women Voters Targeting Florida Gun Shops

Anti-gun organization apparently seeks to harass gun shop owners.

Inside a Florida gun shop

In a move they say is meant to make the world a safer place, the League of Women Voters (LOWV) has begun visiting gun shops throughout the state of Florida in hopes of finding violations of a Florida statute requiring retail gun sellers to post signs “at each purchase counter,” which Read More…

New Mexico Hunters: Expect Roadblocks this Hunting Season

"Land of Enchantment" game wardens plan to randomly stop citizens without cause.

New Mexico Game & Fish Trucks

Welcome to New Mexico, land of enchantment. Prepare to be randomly stopped on the road without cause. Enchanted yet? The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish recently released a statement announcing their intention to erect roadblocks “to collect harvest data and to detect wildlife law Read More…

Squirrel Hunting Revisited

Small game hunting is great fun and an ideal way to initiate youth hunters

Youth squirrel hunt 5

What has happened to squirrel hunting? Or should I say squirrel hunters? Squirrel hunting ought to be a top small game hunting sport, but over the past decade or so it seems to have faded into obscurity. Surely there are still hunters out there quietly stalking bushtails around the woods, but you Read More…

Gaston Glock’s Ex-Wife Sues for More Than Half a Billion

Claims hubby cheated her out of her share of the company she co-founded.

Gaston Glock

Trouble seems to follow Gaston Glock around, although some would argue, probably convincingly, that he has been known to create plenty of trouble on his own. Ever since Glock’s pistol found success in the 1980s, he’s been in the news to some extent. Lately, it is due to a lawsuit filed Read More…