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Every turkey hunter has their own favorite way to set up on gobbling turkeys. Most turkey hunters probably still just back up to a big tree and try to stay still when a strutting gobbler approaches. Staying still is the operative tactic, one which I cannot do with consistency. Accordingly, I have Read More…


One of the more complex problems with an extended bug out scenario is how to implement a plan of food resource sustainability. Regardless of how many MRE’s you stocked up, or cans of tuna, chicken or other foods, they are going to eventually run out. Unlike television shows depicting after the Read More…


When I was a kid, my dad would go out to the country in search of free growing sprouts of polk salad. This was a green wild growing plant that looked like turnip greens or collards. He would wash up a big batch, boil it down, and cook in some ham or bacon. He would[.....]

Portable water filters

A portable water filter is a must have if there is any doubt about the quality of the water source.  This could be hiking, backpacking or a camping trip. With so many portable water filter options on the market, narrowing it down to just one can be a daunting task.   Do you need a filter[.....]

Bug out location

There has been some kind of event, you and the family have permission to use a friend’s bug out location.  You walk in, grab the flashlight, look around, and what do you see?  Or rather, what would you expect to see? On the flip side of the coin, what could you do to help Read More…


As everyone knows by now, the SIG P320 pistol is slated to replace the long serving Beretta 92 and its variants as the Army’s new handgun. As far as I know the Beretta has been a pretty good sidearm for the troops afield, but every so often the military gets the itch for something new.[.....]