Recent Posts KA-BAR Destruction Test


This week’s features a popular knife–the KA-BAR. KA-BAR, as a brand, is synonymous with durable and affordable bushcraft and tactical knives. Noss puts this old favorite to the test in this three-part destruction test. Noss begins by creating notches in a plank of wood, Read More…

Hunting with Those Awful BUGS!


I just came in from target shooting. We are experiencing mosquito problems right now, so before I went out I sprayed down with some OFF.  Unfortunately, I forgot to spray my face. After 30 minutes, when I came back inside, I had eight bites on my face. The bites were not the only thing that[.....]

Braven BRV-X Weatherproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

This tough wireless speaker can replace stereo systems and go anywhere you go.

Braven BRV-X Speaker. The red thing is for attaching a strap.

I have always loved music, and in recent years I’ve become increasingly addicted to the convenience of carrying a bunch of music around in my smart phone and playing it on whatever speaker system is handy, whether it’s my truck stereo, a portable speaker, or whatever. And the wireless Read More…