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3D Printing Knife Scales

From design to execution.


I’m a fan of making tools by hand, and this extends into modifying tools, too–an old practice among longtime EDCers. The longer one owns a tool like a knife or a multitool, the stranger it seems to not modify it to suit his or her needs. Although I’m just a hobbyist, I currently Read More…

A Hairclip Multitool

A novelty tool with some fun applications.


Fellow gear-loving women might relate to the struggles of not having enough places to store tools–it’s amazing how many pairs of womens jeans don’t come equipped with pockets. And while this little hairclip multitool certainly won’t put your actual multitool out of business, Read More…

The Birth of a Tool, Part 2


It’s Friday, and if you’re like me, you might be gearing up for some fun weekend adventurers. What’s a more satisfying endeavor than making a tool from scratch? It’s a great weekend to fire up the forge! Earlier this week, we shared part 1 of John Neeman Tools’ Read More…

Accidental Discharge in Daytona Hotel Possibly Hits 12-Year-Old Boy

Klutz or Criminal? Either way, Georgia man may face criminal charges.

Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort

Davis Scott, a 59-year-old Georgia resident, was staying in the Daytona Beach Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort yesterday morning when he did an unwise thing: He fired his pistol into the wall of his room. Although claimed to be an accident – and I’m certain that he wasn’t actually trying Read More…

Philadelphia Must Pay $1.4 Million For Leaking CCW Applicants’ Info

City publicly posted applicants' names, allegedly putting them at risk.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D)

A class action suit against the city of Philadelphia has been settled in favor of the class, which consisted of people who had applied for (and been denied) a License to Carry Firearms. The city publicly posted the names and other personal information of 3,265 applicants whom they had denied, Read More…