Make Your Own Taser-Proof Clothing With Carbon-Fiber Linings


On Hackaday, Shenzhen shows how you can make homemade taser-proof clothing by adding carbon fiber to the clothes’ lining.

Make a cut at the bottom of the lining of your jacket or any clothes. Put a strip of iron-on no-sew hem tape, top with a strip of carbon tape. Press with an iron. Convenient to operate if cut small pieces of carbon tape and spread it inside his jacket, like a mosaic. Place the strips of carbon tape as close as possible to each other, to avoid gaps. Step by step, fill the entire area of your jacket with the carbon tape.

Shenzhen’s tests show that the electric current flows through the carbon tape and not through the human body. Even if the taser’s needle pierces the skin.

Taser-proof clothing

I want more stuff like this!

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