Video: Marathon Gas Clerk Shoots, Kills 2 of 3 Armed Robbers

Two of These Three Criminals Died Soon Afterward

Two of These Three Criminals Died Soon Afterward (Photo courtesy of WOIO)

Three armed and masked men took guns into a Marathon gas station in Canton, Ohio and attacked a clerk. The clerk was armed, though, and he fought back.

In a scuffle, the clerk was reportedly shot in the leg and hip, but the injuries were not life-threatening. He proved to be a better shot than his attackers and hit at least two of them.

The video below shows one of those criminals after he’d been shot, firing a pistol into the store and then crawling away. He was later found dead, along with one of his buddies.

The third robber wasn’t found, and it’s unknown whether he was hit or not.

The clerk, named only as Lance, reportedly kept a holstered pistol on his hip whenever he was working. A local customer told a reporter that Lance once said he’d never had to use the gun for defense, and that “he takes it out target shooting.”

I’m glad Lance was well practiced with his sidearm.

In an item at Guns Save Lives, a note says, “This is the 70th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Ohio and the 1,295th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.”

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