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I bought my first Barry Dawson knife in an online auction on the maker’s site back in about 2003. I’d been a knife nut all my life, and this was my very first custom. I paid $180 for it (a steal), and when I unboxed it I was in awe of the precise, elaborate grinds,[.....]


I always see a lot of great stuff at SHOT Show in Vegas every year, but this past year I only saw two things that I absolutely had to have. One was a pistol that I recently picked up and plan to review, and the other was a knife: the Jackal, by musician Zac Brown’s[.....]


One of my fondest childhood memories is laying in the middle of a big cow pasture at night on our family’s acreage out in central Louisiana and looking up at the Milky Way. I did it enough times to remember it well, and two years ago I brought my own children to that same field[.....]