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I’m a bit late on this, but last week Ruger announced yet another edition of the world’s most popular rimfire rifle, the venerable and excellent 10/22. Our sister site TFB has the goods on the new Collector’s Series 10/22, but here’s the highlight from the press release: Read More…


I’ve recently picked up a Bond Arms Snake Slayer, and while I love this little gun, it’s as slow as Christmas. The hammer and trigger take a huge amount of force to operate. Bond claims the trigger pull is 6-7 pounds, but mine has got to be heavier than that. But one thing I like[.....]


Our sister site TheFirearmBlog has launched a brand new Ammo Feed, and since its unveiling this past Friday, it has already undergone some major revisions. If you regularly shop for ammo, you should definitely go check it out immediately. And while you’re there, be sure to stop by and fill out Read More…

Flickr via Alex Eylar

My first real exposure to the world of prepping came in 2008, when I became a new father and we moved to San Francisco, an earthquake zone. A lot of people in the Bay Area keep stockpiles of food and water on-hand for when The Big One hits, and since my wife was super nervous about[.....]