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Top Shot’s Chris Cheng Talks Guns at Google HQ

Photo by Oleg Volk

I was recently fortunate to spend an hour on stage at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA chatting with former Googler, professional marksman, and Top Shot Season 4 Champion Chris Cheng about his new book, Shoot To Win. The video is now up on on YouTube, and I encourage you to go check it out.[.....]

Ebola: Could You Get it from Fido?

study suggests that dogs can carry and transmit ebola asymptomatically

Source: Flickr via Greg Furry

Despite the fact that as an Austinite I’m a few short hours away from Dallas, TX, I’ve managed to remain pretty calm and optimistic about the whole Ebola thing. The virus seems to have been contained in Nigeria and Senegal, and if those two countries can do it, then the US can do it, Read More…

Triple Aught Design: Pursuit Half-Zip


Triple Aught is one of my favorite gear makers right now, and they’ve just announced a slick-looking, half-zip, wool sweater called the Pursuit. The Pursuit has a high fashion design aesthetic wrapped in performance base layer technology. Made from Polartec® Power Dry wicking polyester, our Read More…

Triple Aught Design 25% Off Sale This Weekend


TAD is hosting a rare 25% off sale on select items, so get it while it’s hot. I got the notice in my inbox: On August 1, 1941, the first Jeep rolled off the factory floor destined for WWII battlefields. Seventy-three years later, the iconic Jeep remains a symbol of ruggedness, quality, and the Read More…

A Long Look at the Fallkniven A1 has posted a really, really long review of the Fallkniven A1. It’s worth checking out if you’re curious about this particular classic survival knife. The Fallkniven A1 is not a beginner’s knife. Of course it would work as such, but the life-saving features of the A1 Read More…

The M14: Still Going Strong

Mk14 EBR. Source: Flickr via peosoldier

A while back, I linked a good piece by Tactical Life on the M16. The site now has a similarly in-depth feature out on the venerable M14, which is still finding plenty of use as a Designated Marksman Rifle in today’s military. The Taliban figured out pretty early on that the M16′s Read More…