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Left side of Glock 43 subcompact 9mm.

I wouldn’t call it a meme or an ice bucket challenge thing exactly, but there’s a spate of “if you could only haveĀ five guns for the apocalypse” articles going around right now. It looks like it started with the Iraqveteran8888 video below, about selecting five guns for a Read More…

Rockstead KON-ZDP

The other day I had the temerity to reveal that a $4,000 1911 is just not an item that exists anywhere on my personal gear wish list. I didn’t say that people who buy such a gun are crazy (though I did say that anyone who carries such a gun for self-defense is nuts–please read[.....]

Tavor SAR RS

I’ve been to two SHOT Shows now where I’ve spent some time on Range Day at the Tavor booth, and in both instances I got a few minutes of free, hands-on training from former IDF guys on how the Tavor is was designed to be gripped. I really like theĀ Israeli-style grip that they teach Read More…


I’m not hating on Larry Vickers, but I had to chuckle a little bit when I saw the news of the almost $4,000 Wilson Combat Vickers Elite 1911 over on TFB. I follow Vickers’ page on Facebook, and one of the posts he made that stuck with me was something to the effect of, there[.....]