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Mountain House #10 cans

Freeze dried food is an excellent choice for long term storage or a lightweight meal.  The pouches have been my primary go to meal for hiking and camping for several years, while the #10 cans have been my primary go-to option for long term food storage. If you would like more information on why Read More…

Scouting rural area

Preppers, regardless of what you are doing, Operations Security (OPSEC) should always be at the top of your list. So, how do preppers carry about intelligence gathering missions (scouting) and not reveal what they are doing, even if questioned? I have been actively involved in prepping for well over Read More…

Summer deer food plot

Spring is a great time to start the deer food plot.  This helps kick start things for next deer season. As if in a tug of war, old man winter slowly gives way to spring.  Crab apple and wild cherry trees start to bloom, both of which represent the beauty of nature.  It is after[.....]

Bug out location flashlights

It is just a flashlight, so what is the big deal?  The big deal is, walk into a remote cabin that does not have electricity, it is nighttime, a flashlight is the first thing you will reach for.  The beam of light is reassuring that everything will be ok. With trusty light in hand you[.....]

Medium ALICE Pack

Military surplus is one of the greatest things since sliced bread.  The gear may not be in the best of condition, but for the most part it certainly is not junk.  If you know something is going to get used, stained, or otherwise run through the wringer, why buy new? Starting in the early Read More…

Country road

Whether it is a weekend getaway, vacation home, or a place to retire, a lot of people dream about leaving the city and moving to a rural area.  There is something about rural life that can not be described in words.  It is easy to write “peace and quiet”, but there is no way to[.....]

Dogs on hiking trip

Something I like to do is scout around the bug out location.  I usually bring a daypack, such as a Maxpedition Condor II, camera, tripod and my dogs.  The goal of a scouting run is to learn the lay of the land.  I want to know where the creeks, small ponds, old logging roads, ATV[.....]

Mountain house freeze dried

Emergency Essentials is having another great sale on freeze dried food. For those of you who are not familiar with freeze dried food:  The food is fully cooked, flash frozen, then the moisture is removed via a vacuum process. The food is then sealed in either a pouch of can along with an oxygen Read More…

Maxpedition Condor-ii hiking

The Maxpedition Condor II is one of my favorite go-to and overnight warm weather packs. Over the decades I have accumulated a wide assortment of backpacks. How long I will be gone determines the pack I use. Regardless if it is just a couple of hours or all day, there are certain features of Read More…

Prepping group

We all know that “special” someone who can recite various books or manuals. Whether it is a safety manual, company guideline, survival manual, whatever it may be, they know exactly how things are supposed to be done. Then comes the real world application and they learn that not Read More…