Ron Gunner

Started as a firearms instructor in 1986, sponsored pro shooter, teaches CC classes, advanced pistol and shotgun tactics, teaches reloading classes, does seminars, radio shows and in-store promotions for the sponsors.

But more important is I spend as much time as possible with my family, life is just too short!

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Steel plate racks have always been used in competition and rightly so, but they are overlooked as a great training tool to improve your defensive shooting. I have the honor of having Ultimate Targets as one of my new sponsors for 2017 and I got the very first plate rack they made. Now this Read More…


As an instructor I can’t tell you how many times I have had women come take a concealed carry class and walk in the door with a brand new snub nose .357 revolver or a 38spl Plus P smiling from ear to ear. Then by the end of the one-, two-, or three-day class that[.....]


In today’s world of hundreds of pistol offerings you can pretty much pick what you want to have and carry provided you have the money to buy one with all the options. The more bells & whistles the more the price tag goes up. As example, the HK VP9 when it first came out a[.....]