Ron Gunner

Started as a firearms instructor in 1986, sponsored pro shooter, teaches CC classes, advanced pistol and shotgun tactics, teaches reloading classes, does seminars, radio shows and in-store promotions for the sponsors.

But more important is I spend as much time as possible with my family, life is just too short!

Recent Posts

This has to be one of the most-discussed topics in the shooting/protection world! Will a handgun, rifle, or shotgun serve me best for home defense? In some ways, it’s a matter of opinion. There will always be people who feel strongly that one particular choice is best. You could say it’s an Read More…


Many companies now offer pistols with the option to mount a small red dot on the slide. We all know red dots have been used in competition for some time. But is it right for concealed carry? It would be nice to use if, say, it was dark outside, you are getting attacked and you[.....]


Reloading… is it something you should get into — and if so, where do you start? Should you go single-stage, manual progressive, or maybe full-blown progressive? These are questions that many shooters end up asking themselves. And when a political scare happens, ammo goes up in price and Read More…


Range etiquette is something which a lot of people lack in today’s world. I have seen with my own eyes as a friend brought his new pistol to the range and after he shot it a few times, a guy walked up and grabbed it without asking, said, “I’m going to shoot this beast,” and[.....]