A lifelong hunter and shooter, Russ Chastain has made it a point to learn much about hunting, shooting, guns, ammunition, gunsmithing, reloading, and bullet casting. Having started toting his own gun in the woods at age nine and pursuing deer with rifles since 1982, his hunting knowledge has been growing for more than three and a half decades. His desire and ability to share this knowledge with others has also grown, and Russ has been professionally writing and editing original hunting & shooting content since 1998.

Russ Chastain has a passion for sharing accurate, honest, interesting hunting & shooting knowledge and stories with people of all skill levels.

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Slow-Motion Guns Firing

Pretty cool.

They really are.

I ran across this on reddit and found it mildly interesting. A shooter took some slow-motion video of himself firing a couple of pistols. He described this one as a 1911, although it doesn’t seem to have an exposed hammer. He said the second pistol is a Browning Buckmark 22. Not sure why his Read More…

Once a Spike, Always a Spike – NOT!

I have been fighting this fallacy for years. Here's proof that it's untrue.

This buck went from spike to magnificent 170-class buck.

Hunting is filled with lore, and hunters are always on the lookout for more information. But we have to realize that not every campfire story is true and that many hunters are just plain wrong about some things. One of the big myths is that a spike buck will never get any better than a[.....]

DIY: Make Your Own Shoot-and-See Targets

Why spend a lot on things you're just going to perforate?

DIY shoot and see targets

Targets should be cheap, right? I mean, you’re just going to shoot them full of holes, after all. And sometimes, paper targets can be affordable, but targets that let you see your shots, like Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C and Caldwell Orange Peel, can cost more than $2 each. Someone came up with a Read More…

Wisconsin Police Chief Asks to Search Homes for Guns – Then Backpedals

"Top cop" sought to search citizens' homes to raise awareness of "gun violence."

Beloit plice chief Norm Jacobs

Beloit, WI – File this one under “What were they thinking,?” “That takes a lot of nerve!” “What an invasion of privacy!” and “Who would be stupid enough to sign up for this?” In my opinion, Norm Jacobs should never have any power, much less any Read More…

Red Lobster Thief Foiled by Concealed-Carrier

Armed robber dropped the take when he confronted the wrong person.

Red Lobster Logo

Ah, guns. They can make the world so much more civil. Like when a 28-year-old crook reportedly decided to enter a Red Lobster restaurant, use a gun to threaten customers and employees, and steal the cash drawer from a cash register. Wait, that’s not the civil part. After he took the drawer and Read More…

Solar Air Lantern… Really?

Pretty cool, but how good can they be?

Solar air lanterns, open but not fully inflated.

I recently saw this thing called a solar air lantern, and thought it looked interesting. The more I look at it, the more I think it’s a cheesy, gimmicky product that won’t be around for very long. But hey, I’ve been wrong before. Basically, it’s a small disk, maybe 4 inches Read More…