A lifelong hunter and shooter, Russ Chastain has made it a point to learn much about hunting, shooting, guns, ammunition, gunsmithing, reloading, and bullet casting. Having started toting his own gun in the woods at age nine and pursuing deer with rifles since 1982, his hunting knowledge has been growing for more than three and a half decades. His desire and ability to share this knowledge with others has also grown, and Russ has been professionally writing and editing original hunting & shooting content since 1998.

Russ Chastain has a passion for sharing accurate, honest, interesting hunting & shooting knowledge and stories with people of all skill levels.

Recent Posts

League of Women Voters Targeting Florida Gun Shops

Anti-gun organization apparently seeks to harass gun shop owners.

Inside a Florida gun shop

In a move they say is meant to make the world a safer place, the League of Women Voters (LOWV) has begun visiting gun shops throughout the state of Florida in hopes of finding violations of a Florida statute requiring retail gun sellers to post signs “at each purchase counter,” which Read More…

New Mexico Hunters: Expect Roadblocks this Hunting Season

"Land of Enchantment" game wardens plan to randomly stop citizens without cause.

New Mexico Game & Fish Trucks

Welcome to New Mexico, land of enchantment. Prepare to be randomly stopped on the road without cause. Enchanted yet? The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish recently released a statement announcing their intention to erect roadblocks “to collect harvest data and to detect wildlife law Read More…

Gaston Glock’s Ex-Wife Sues for More Than Half a Billion

Claims hubby cheated her out of her share of the company she co-founded.

Gaston Glock

Trouble seems to follow Gaston Glock around, although some would argue, probably convincingly, that he has been known to create plenty of trouble on his own. Ever since Glock’s pistol found success in the 1980s, he’s been in the news to some extent. Lately, it is due to a lawsuit filed Read More…

Georgia Laws Conflicted on School Carry

State laws, signed two days apart, say different things.


Georgia, USA – Two 2014 laws passed by the Georgia state legislature and signed two days apart are in direct conflict over whether residents can carry firearms onto school property. The so-called “guns everywhere” law, House Bill 60, actually restricted some rights verified by Read More…

Classic: Chinese Police vs. Wild Hog

Many sticks broken and 13 shots fired to subdue the huge porker.

Glad I'm not the photographer - look where the gun is pointing.

This is from the oldie-but-goodie department. When a wild hog got into a Chinese Hospital in 2011, the police went after it. From the way this officer’s pistol is pointing, I’d say he follows Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” motto: “Safety third.” The poor hog was Read More…

Pro-Islam Group Asks Feds to Persecute Owner of Muslim-Free Gun Range

In a free country, any business could deny service to anyone.

Jan Morgan, Proponent of Freedom

Jan Morgan made headlines in September when she declared her wish to make her indoor gun range “a Muslim Free Zone.” Morgan provided ten good reasons for her decision in a blog post on her media company’s website. Ms. Morgan has had her life threatened by followers of Islam, which Read More…