A lifelong hunter and shooter, Russ Chastain has made it a point to learn much about hunting, shooting, guns, ammunition, gunsmithing, reloading, and bullet casting. Having started toting his own gun in the woods at age nine and pursuing deer with rifles since 1982, his hunting knowledge has been growing for more than three and a half decades. His desire and ability to share this knowledge with others has also grown, and Russ has been professionally writing and editing original hunting & shooting content since 1998.

Russ Chastain has a passion for sharing accurate, honest, interesting hunting & shooting knowledge and stories with people of all skill levels.

Recent Posts

Skull Hooker European Trophy Skull Hanger

An easy and effective way to display skull trophies.

Little Hooker With Whitetail Skull

At the 2015 SHOT Show, I came across a nifty little item for displaying European-style trophy skulls of deer and other game animals. It’s called the Skull Hooker, and like so many great products, it’s simple and effective. If you’ve ever examined the skull of a big game animal when Read More…

Winchester’s Latest Bolt-Action: The XPR

An all-new action with plenty of features.

Winchester XPR in Mossy Oak Camouflage

Winchester’s new bolt-action baby is called the XPR, and I got to play with it at the 2015 SHOT Show. The bolt features a round grasping ball with a hole to lighten its weight, and a short 60-degree bolt throw. The bolt itself is quite large in diameter, at least on the ones I handled.[.....]

The New Leatherman Tread Bracelet Multi-Tool

With or without a watch, the Tread is impressive.

Leatherman Tread Bracelet Wearable Multitool

I’m not much for jewelry, but I don’t like to be without a Leatherman. When I travel by air, I really miss having my handy-dandy Juice for all those incidental things that come up. Here at the 2015 SHOT Show, Leatherman has just introduced a thoughtful new product that will appeal to Read More…

Celestron Offers Odor-Free Electric Hand Warmers

Compact warmth with no shaking, no air, no fuel, no odor.

Celestron FireCel+ Electric Hand Warmer

It’s not a problem for everyone, but it is for many of us. My hands often get cold when I’m hunting. What to do about it? Well, there are a number of options, including one that I only recently learned about: electric hand warmers. I have used the old fire-based hand warmer that takes Read More…

GameXtractor is a Simple Way to Easily Drag Your Deer or Moose

A simple, effective tool that lets your ATV, UTV, or vehicle do the work.

GameXtractor - Drags Your Critter by the Head

The great thing about the SHOT Show is that you never know what you’ll run across there. That’s why I make a practice of walking each and every aisle and looking at every booth. It means miles of walking, maneuvering around lollygagging rubberneckers, and sore feet, but it also lets me Read More…

Youth Extreme Outdoors – Custom Camo for Kids

Extreme sports camo clothing for youth, adjustable to last more than one season.

Youth Extreme Outdoors' Archery 3D Camo Pattern

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. In fact, I’m convinced that’s true most of the time. So when I met a certain fellow at SHOT Show 2015 Range Day who’d taken a notion to create camo patterns to grab the interest of kids and put them on clothing that kids won’t Read More…

Esky Coolers – Tough, Useful, and Pretty Cool

Coleman's high-line cooler division offers rugged, thoughtful coolers.

Esky 55-Quart Cooler in Khaki

One nice surprise I found while walking the floor at SHOT 2015 was Esky coolers. I’d seen some of the other high-line iceboxes, but this name was new to me. I quickly learned that it’s a young brand, just a year old, and a division of Coleman, which has been selling coolers for a Read More…