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Have you noticed your hands shaking a little bit at the gun counter? Do you break out in a cold sweat and have heart palpitations? Is your vision blurring even just a little bit? If so, then you may be suffering from Glockoma. It is an ailment of sorts that is near approaching epidemic Read More…


As an instructor I can’t tell you how many times I have had women come take a concealed carry class and walk in the door with a brand new snub nose .357 revolver or a 38spl Plus P smiling from ear to ear. Then by the end of the one-, two-, or three-day class that[.....]


As it is often said, “good things come in three’s.” Unbeknown to many right now, there is a triple offering from Ruger that puts “magnum” back in the magnum power of handguns. This threesome triple threat is a Ruger Redhawk series of double action revolvers with short barrels and big Read More…