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It has been in vogue for several years for gun manufacturer’s to make special, limited edition production runs of certain firearm models. Ruger does this all the time with limited models sold through special exclusive outlets like Gallery of Guns, Lipsey’s and others. Accordingly these models Read More…


Many companies now offer pistols with the option to mount a small red dot on the slide. We all know red dots have been used in competition for some time. But is it right for concealed carry? It would be nice to use if, say, it was dark outside, you are getting attacked and you[.....]


There is a renaissance movement under way, and it’s a bit surprising. Considering the domination of the semi-auto pistol calibers these days, who would have thought an old revolver round would again find favor with shooters, self-defense advocates, preppers, and survivalists? There is new life Read More…

(Photo: Arlington Police)

A 48-year-old man named James Jones reportedly walked into Zona Caliente Sports Bar in Arlington, Texas, and began yelling. When restaurant manager Cesar Perez attempted to calm him down, he was murdered for his trouble. Fortunately, there was another armed man in the restaurant at the time. The Read More…