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New Wood N' Stream Boots with 3M Thinsulate Platinum

Several years ago someone asked about my choice of footwear and why I never wore slip on shoes in public, such as crocs and flip-flops. The answer was simple, “I want to be able to run if I need to.”  Even at home I rarely wear slip on shoes. The person looked at me with[.....]


For some, the idea of a pocket knife is a small, thinly ground slipjoint. Anything else is a weapon. For folks that are newer to the knife world, it wasn’t a knife unless it opened with one hand. When I started writing about gear, it was never the two shall meet. But a few years[.....]


A San Diego Union Tribune newspaper article recently hypothesized that some of the “accidental” police shootings that have occurred could be linked to pistol mounted flashlights. The implied connection is that in the heat of a confrontational situation that it could be possible that police Read More…