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When Sharps reached out to me to review the Relia-Bolt, I got that skeptical look on my face. My eyes squinted as I attempted to imagine the design, but I decided I’d have to see it for myself. In the back of my head I started asking whether this was a solution looking for a problem or[.....]


First and foremost, a quality gun case is designed to protect a gun by “encasing” it in material that should cushion it from bumps, bangs, scratches, and the outside elements. Ideally the case should be rather firm or hard shelled on the outside, but lined with soft material on the inside. Well Read More…


Now that I’m on my third .22 AR-15, a list that includes the Hk416 and S&W M&P15-22, I am learning that .22LR AR-15s are one of the best training tools around, and they pay for themselves in only a couple afternoons of high round count, especially at today’s .22LR ammo prices. After Read More…