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Over-Under Pen with bullet tip, shotgun-like cap, and over-under pocket clip.

Hidden among inane what-I-had-for-lunch posts, mingled with videos of copycats dumping ice water over their heads, nestled between political memes, I discovered a jewel on Facebook. Yes, they still exist. It was a post in a hunting group, advertising unique writing pens with a shooting twist. Read More…


Last year, I mentioned the Leader 50 bullpup rifle in Managing Recoil article. It’s a ten-shot semi-auto bullpup of light weight and unusually low recoil. Firing it last summer, I was surprised how close the kick was to a .223 carbine. Excellent balance also allowed unsupported firing. Annular Read More…


I love to try new products, new ideas, and new manufacturers. In this build I attempted to showcase a number of those new ideas from the front to the back of the rifle. The result is one uniquely forward looking rifle which looks awesome and shoots great. From the interesting looking muzzle brake to Read More…


I am an unabashed fan of the AR rifle platform. I wasn’t always though. I grew up on lever actions and bolt guns as a hunter. I killed my first white-tailed deer with a Winchester Model 94 in 30-30 I bought from J. C. Penney in Columbia, Mo for a whopping $66 new in the[.....]