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Despite being quite old, the scout rifle concept originally developed by Jeff Cooper is still hot. Ruger’s versions are reportedly selling well and now Savage Arms has joined in with its own Model 11 Scout Rifle offering. Like all Savage rifles, the already-frequently-backordered Model 11 Scout Read More…

Packing wild hog

The dogs have cornered some wild pigs, one was captured and tied up, now what?  The only way in or out is by boat, and the boat is a mile away. A large tree branch was cut and the hog was packed out. Hunting with dogs is one of the most primitive forms of hunting[.....]

(Photo: Handy Camel)

I’ve written hundreds of product reviews over the years, mainly for hunting and shooting products… and I never thought I would be sitting down to tell my readers about a bag clip. There’s a reason I’m doing it now, and that is the usefulness of the thing. You don’t have Read More…

Posing with the Danjo Doe, the first critter bagged using Dad's old Dan Wesson 44 revolver.
(Photo: Russ Chastain)

My father’s passing was tough for me. He was my best friend and favorite hunting buddy, and hunting without him was probably the hardest part of the grieving process. This old wheel gun had been his, and when I used it, I felt connected to him. It all began long ago, when I was in[.....]


I wrote previously about how amazing the remote camera is for hunting, chiefly for deer. But now that turkey season in my home state is winding down, I can attest that it is equally good in the spring woods, perhaps better. This is the first turkey season I’ve used a modern remote camera, and Read More…

Whitetail deer

There are many turning points in a young man's life.  One of them should be when he takes his first deer.  This is the story of my third son's first deer and the events on that fateful day.


Wild turkey hunters everywhere are gearing up or already are chasing wild toms. And while this space could be devoted to highlighting possible hot gobbler spots, or tips on calling, shotguns, chokes and shotshell loads, sometimes it's good to reminisce past turkey seasons and events that take on Read More…


Warning: A Vortex ranging monocular will end up on your “stuff I need” list. Let me sum this up quickly and then I will work through the features: The Vortex Recon R/T and Solo Tactical R/T provide the shooter a compact and robust solution for observation, scouting, and ranging for a price that Read More…