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Of this I am guilty and likely you are, too. An awful lot of us preppers don’t practice enough of what we preach. And no, this is not an article about how to clean a gun barrel. Instead, it’s about how to make gun barrels dirty — and that is done by shooting them. I’m[.....]

Super soaker

How did society reach a point where a squirt gun was found in a young ladies car, and she was expelled for a year? The "political correctness" against weapons has reached lunacy levels. From the NRA-ILA website - “F” Stands for Fail: School Jeopardizes Student’s Future for Possession of Read More…


A Florida woman said she received a call from a neighbor warning her not to go outside and soon discovered the reason — an alligator on her porch. Elena Avello said her neighbor’s mother walked past her house in Parkland, Florida (on the edge of the Everglades north of Ft. Lauderdale) Read More…


I wrote previously about how amazing the remote camera is for hunting, chiefly for deer. But now that turkey season in my home state is winding down, I can attest that it is equally good in the spring woods, perhaps better. This is the first turkey season I’ve used a modern remote camera, and Read More…

Glock 1911 and AR-15

The more I look at how Glock has dominated the worldwide handgun market, the more I ask if they are the perfect gun company. Go to just about any gun store, and chances are there will be more Glocks in stock than any other brand. Is Glock popularity due to its reliability? In part, yes. Maybe Read More…

Truck used to rob gun store

The town of Zephyrhills, Florida was left shocked on Sunday April 9, 2017 when thieves used a stolen Toyota truck to rob a gun store. The truck was used as a battering ram to smash through the front of the store. Thieves then began to smash the glass gun display cases and steal items from the store.

Jon Carey and his "illegal" pond.
(Photo: Mail Tribune / Jamie Lusch)

2.5 years ago, Jon and Sabrina Carey bought 10 acres of land near Butte Falls, Oregon largely for the 2-acre pond that’s been there for the past 40 years or so. Now the government reportedly wants them to destroy it. Although the government was surely aware of the pond’s existence Read More…