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Accessories rule. This is especially cool if you get a neat new product that you did not have for Christmas. Even better when it’s from a 28 year old daughter that also loves the outdoors. Where she got the idea I am not sure, but it was a good one. The gift was a Nikon[.....]


Open hard-wood ridges are choice places for stands during the rut. Bucks and does love to travel hillsides, and if you place a stand where they’re most visible during their movements, you’re on the road to rut hunting success. Often ridge sides are full of scrapes and rubs, with trail crossings Read More…


In working with indoor ranges, I run into a frustrating aspect of most mid-power scopes: they don’t focus close enough. A centerfire scope with 100 yard focus gets hopelessly fuzzy at 6 power and 25 yard distance. A rimfire scope with 50 yard focus is passable, but gets useless outdoors at Read More…


Lately, I’ve been seeing optics manufacturers really pushing themselves again to deliver exponential jumps in quality. Burris’ premier XTR II lineup is a good example of this. These new scopes rival the best optics in the industry, and the Burris XTR II 5x-25x 50mm was a must for a top-end Read More…


Why is it that it seems every time I find a really good product that works well, lasts a long time, and is near perfect, the manufacturer quits making it? This happened to me again several years ago when Pentax quit making a pair of binoculars that I loved. These were a unique pair of big,[.....]


One of the nicest optics setups I’ve seen for both close and long-range tactical shooting is this Burris combo optic, which combines both a 1.5-8x scope with a FastFire 3 red dot piggybacked on. This type of arrangement allows very fast transition shots between close and longer-range targets Read More…


Paul Thompson and Greg Moats of Charlotte were fishing for bass on a local lake full of heavy fish and tangled cover, so they employed large plastic worms, heavy slip sinkers, and stout line. On one cast Thompson fouled his worm and sinker deep on a sunken log. He tried to free the lure, but[.....]


When I needed a scope for an accurate AR15 pistol, I chose the Leupold FX-II 4x28mm. This optic has just enough magnification to maximize the potential of the AR15 pistol format with plenty of eye relief for arm’s-length aiming. Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, and Functions Leupold has a long Read More…