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Go Fishing, Find Gun and Badge

BATF agent's badge, gun, pager, and more were submerged in a lake since 1992.

Gun and badge found at bottom of Castaic Lake

I love finding goodies in the great outdoors, and this find was pretty cool for a fisherman on Castaic Lake, a man made reservoir in California. The lake’s water level is now much lower than it was years ago (one estimate says 150 feet lower), and that exposes formerly-submerged stuff. Some of Read More…

Catfish Fishing Tips


Becoming a better catfish angler is all about knowing a few catfish fishing tips. You don’t need the most expensive rod or a fancy boat to fill the boat up, but you do need a little know how and some confidence to give it a try. This article focuses on the best tips for catching[.....]

You Kill it, They’ll Grill it

The new travel trend of hotels cooking your critters.

Rainbow Trout

Let’s say you go on a successful hunting or fishing trip away from home and you haven’t got the facilities, time, or gumption to cook your critter(s). Well, your hotel, lodge, or a local restaurant just might scorch up your game and feed it to you. It’s age-old tradition for game Read More…

Crankbaits 101


I don’t know another lure with more size, shape, and color variations than the crankbait. Crankbaits crowd the long walls of tackle shops everywhere, depicting shapes, sizes, and hues that can cause chaos and downright confusion when you’re trying to make a simple selection for the Read More…

Short Course on Seward Salmon

Fishing out of Seward, Alaska some of the best on the planet.


If you have never been to Alaska, then get out your bucket list and immediately put an entry in under “place to go this year.” All of Alaska is a postcard state, but few of the destinations are as panoramic as the southern coastal town of Seward direct down Highway 9 (also known as the[.....]

Kayak Fishing – Give it a try!

Kayak Fishing

I realize that not everyone that buys a kayak is looking to wet a line, but some of you may be curious or in some cases ready to jump right in. While fishing from a kayak is almost as simple as fishing off the bank, you do need to consider a few differences. In this[.....]