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Rangefinder Basics


At the press of a button, rangefinders bounce a laser beam off your target. An internal clock measures the time it takes for the beam to reach the target and back and calculates the distance to within +/- 1 yard or less. The range is then displayed in yards/meters on an internal LCD display Read More…

Plotting Wildlife Food Plots

The season is here to start planning and planting wildlife food plots.

Cypress stand

Creating supplemental wildlife food plots is a popular practice these days. Both hunters and wildlife observers are more interested than ever in growing mini-crops of plants that can not only provide additional nutritional benefits to all kinds of wildlife both consumptive and non-consumptive, but Read More…

Rut Stages for Elk Hunting

Elk Rut

Many elk hunting stories describe this exciting scenario: The bull charges madly to a bugle call with fire in his eyes and is shot by the hunter at 20 yards. That certainly happens every year, but far less often than you think. The truth is, many more elk are hunted after the rut has ended,[.....]

Avoiding Snakes While Hunting

Rattle Snake

One of the most dangerous creatures out in the woods is the poisonous snake. Even though such snakes are elusive and tend to avoid humans, they can still be present in the back country and along hunting paths. If you plan to trek off into the woods and set up in a random area, you[.....]

Scoring Whitetails on the Hoof

Trophy Whitetail

Hunting mature, trophy whitetails is a wonderful sport. The pursuit of record book whitetails is a passion that lives year round in the mind of just about every serious whitetail hunter. Every year, millions of hunters take to the field looking for the buck of a lifetime. Some are hunting out behind Read More…

How to Decipher a Whitetails Rub


A tree that has been shredded by antlers is the most obvious sign that a buck has been in an area. But with some knowledge of deer behavior and a little scouting, a rub can tell you a lot more. You can determine when the rub was made, what the deer was doing when he[.....]

Upgrading Marlin 336 Lever Action

More precise sighting options.


While Marlin 336 has a stronger receiver than most older lever actions, it is still equipped with the same open sights used on the original 30-30 over a century ago. The sight radius is limited and so is the sight picture visibility in low light. Side ejection means that optics can be mounted, so Read More…

Millennium Tree Seat

Need a flexible hunting seat option? Check out the Millennium Tree Seat, which can be set up in seconds to create a great ground blind seat option.


As a fervent white-tailed deer hunter, I like the flexibility of moving around my hunting property from stand to stand as the deer season changes. When the wildlife food plots green up in late October with lush ryegrass, wheat, and oats, I like to slip into a shooting house along a mile long Read More…

How-To: Dove Hunting Basics

Dove Hunting

The dove shoot marks the beginning of hunting season here in the south and around the US. Dove hunting is one of the simplest bird hunting sports. All you need are the proper licenses, a shotgun, and a place to hunt. It’s a lot less hassle than the waterfowl or deer hunting sport, although Read More…