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New Mexico Hunters: Expect Roadblocks this Hunting Season

"Land of Enchantment" game wardens plan to randomly stop citizens without cause.

New Mexico Game & Fish Trucks

Welcome to New Mexico, land of enchantment. Prepare to be randomly stopped on the road without cause. Enchanted yet? The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish recently released a statement announcing their intention to erect roadblocks “to collect harvest data and to detect wildlife law Read More…

Squirrel Hunting Revisited

Small game hunting is great fun and an ideal way to initiate youth hunters

Youth squirrel hunt 5

What has happened to squirrel hunting? Or should I say squirrel hunters? Squirrel hunting ought to be a top small game hunting sport, but over the past decade or so it seems to have faded into obscurity. Surely there are still hunters out there quietly stalking bushtails around the woods, but you Read More…

Classic: Chinese Police vs. Wild Hog

Many sticks broken and 13 shots fired to subdue the huge porker.

Glad I'm not the photographer - look where the gun is pointing.

This is from the oldie-but-goodie department. When a wild hog got into a Chinese Hospital in 2011, the police went after it. From the way this officer’s pistol is pointing, I’d say he follows Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” motto: “Safety third.” The poor hog was Read More…

Venison: Waste Not, Want Not

Waste not want not

How much meat does your deer yield? You’d be surprised how much meat is actually wasted. Below we’ve listed some recipes grouped by cut of meat from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. To view more recipes by cut of meat, visit them here. 1. Roast Venison with Bavarian Dumplings Read More…

Handguns for Deer

Want the ultimate deer hunting challenge? Try hunting deer with a handgun.


Handgun hunting for deer is the ultimate challenge for a firearms deer hunter. Is it the extreme test of hunter stalking and shooting skills, so if you are looking for a new deer hunting experience to reinvigorate your hunting, then give handgun hunting a go. It was a cold morning just north of the Read More…

Baiting Tips for Hogs


Baiting and using lures are one of the best ways to take wild pigs. Their natural food sources include acorns, snakes, salamanders, grubs, crawfish, fresh plant roots, etc. Dry corn works great, but it can take a while for them to find it. Sour mash can help them find it quicker, but I do Read More…

Getting Started with a Crossbow

Many states are relaxing archery hunting seasons for deer to the open use of crossbows.

clayton deer 029

Deer hunting with archery gear was something I always wanted to try. I did, too, for several years until I lost my hand grip coming down a wet tree stand ladder and pulled my shoulder doing a lunge grab just before falling. After that, I could not pull my bow all the way back without[.....]