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Once a Spike, Always a Spike – NOT!

I have been fighting this fallacy for years. Here's proof that it's untrue.

This buck went from spike to magnificent 170-class buck.

Hunting is filled with lore, and hunters are always on the lookout for more information. But we have to realize that not every campfire story is true and that many hunters are just plain wrong about some things. One of the big myths is that a spike buck will never get any better than a[.....]

Ideal Scopes for Deer Hunting

There are a multitude of choices for riflescopes for hunting white-tailed deer.


When is the last time you saw a deer rifle without a scope on it? I am betting it has been quite a few deer seasons ago. I think it has been 1970 since I saw a deer rifle in the woods using only open sights. I remember this because it was my first deer[.....]

AllOutdoor’s Last-Minute Gift Guide, 2014 Edition

Source: Flickr via WizmoBuchanan

We review a ton of gear here at AllOutdoor, and as a last-minute “thank you” to our faithful readers we’ve put together this list of what is essentially our “Greatest Hits of 2014.” The list below represents some of our favorite review items, with an emphasis on Read More…

Tips for Quality Taxidermy Results

To have a great mount of that trophy buck you took, there are some tips for preparing the head prior to delivery to the taxidermist.


Few things create more excitemenon for deer hunters than getting that first look at their prized buck mount back from their taxidermist. The result is either one of ecstatic pride or sometimes dreadful disappointment. It need not ever be the later if the proper procedures are taken to prepare a Read More…

The .358 Winchester – Still Kicking

After a lot of fanfare years ago the new .358 took the hunting world by storm, but over the years, it was slowly forgotten. Now is the time to try it again.


Sometimes fulfilling an item on the bucket list takes time. It took me forty years to lay my hands on a rifle chambered for the venerable old .358 Winchester. I actually did find one at a gun show once, but the walnut stock still had the halftrack tread marks all across the wood. I passed.[.....]

Florida Silencer Hunting Already Faces Challenge

Meddlers try to obstruct decision to protect hunters' hearing.

Hunting Rifle With Suppressor/Silencer

Less than two weeks after the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) voted unanimously to toss out a 1957 partial ban on the use of sound suppressors for hunting, anti-gun forces have moved to challenge the decision by filing a petition with the Florida Division of Administrative Read More…

The Kimber 1911 10mm Whitetail Wondergun

Kimber makes more 1911 pistol models than anybody else in the business, all meant for serious business.


Kimber pistols are the quintessential 1911. If you can get your hands on a Kimber factory catalog, for a pistol shooter it is like getting the old Marshall Fields Christmas catalog when I was a kid (or in my childhood home town, the Christmas flyer from the local Western Auto). There are so many Read More…

Cyber Monday Deal Shout Out – Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Cyber Monday

If you’ve been looking for a portable water filtration system, today is a lucky day for you! On Amazon, the Sawyer Products mini water filtration system is selling for $15 with a Prime account. It has a total field weight of 2 ounces and filters up to 100,000 gallons of water. Click here to Read More…