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Silence! Florida Hunters Can Now Hunt in Peace

FWC votes to rescind 1957 ban on suppressors for hunting in the sunshine state.

A silencer or suppressor with a rifle threaded to accept it.

Key Largo, FL – Back in 1957, it became illegal to hunt game animals using a silencer, a.k.a. suppressor, in Florida. This was probably aimed at poachers, but we all know that lawbreakers don’t obey laws (duh). Beginning today, hunters can use silenced firearms for all kinds of hunting Read More…

Hunters’ Deer Help Feed Hungry Folks

Hunters for the Hungry help feed Georgia residents.

A hunter with a nice whitetail doe

Georgia Hunters for the Hungry (HFH) was founded in 1993 to help bridge a gap between hunters and needy folks. It works like this: A hunter shoots a deer. If that hunter doesn’t want or need the meat or is simply feeling generous, it can be donated at a participating deer processing facility. Read More…

Doe Harvests a Big Part of Deer Management

Cockrell doe 2

The old guard of deer hunters never wanted to kill antlerless deer. The thinking was that hunters would be diminishing the breeding stock of doe deer that would provide future generations of deer on a property. Such thinking has long been proven contrary to sound white-tailed deer management Read More…

Dancing the Dodge and Dash

Small game hunting still offers a tremendous amount of recreational value and just plain old fashioned fun.


Cottontail bunnies give a whole new meaning to the term zig-zag. I know because I grew up cutting my hunting teeth chasing down cottontail rabbits over the fence in the backyard with a Crossman .22 CO2 pellet rifle. Talk about learning to rabbit hunt the hard way. When I finally got my first Read More…

Field Report: My First Turkey!

chris turkey2

[Editor's note: Chris Cheng is a Staff Writer over at our sister blog, Cheng is an occasional guest writer for us here at AO.] I am a new hunter who is getting my feet wet with different guns, ammo, and tactics. My background is USPSA, IDPA, 3-gun, and defensive shooting, and so Read More…

Ground Blinds Back in Vogue

Many hunters are returning to the use of a variety of stands on the ground.


What goes around comes around, even with hunting equipment and hunting strategies. Before the advent of the ever popular tree stands that we see everywhere in the woods today, deer hunters used to hunt on the ground. Many of the old black and white photos of early deer hunters showed them sitting on Read More…

Get a Rifle Sling with Some Cling

Rifle sling choices abound, but have you got one that really stays on your shoulder through a rough hunt?


Sometimes a topic seems so simple that we laugh at the title. This could be one of those ideas. I mean, a rifle sling is a rifle sling, right? All they were designed to do is tote a rifle over the shoulder. What could be so complicated about that? Ask yourself this one simple question.[.....]

Review: ScopeShield Scope Cover

Quality Scopes Deserve Top Protective Cover

ScopeShield 2

One may ask just how much a product review writer could say about a simple device like a neoprene scope cover, but that’s hardly the point. If you have a hunting rifle of any kind with a scope mounted on it, then you need a high quality scope cover to protect it, and the ScopeShield[.....]