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I will admit that, as a guy who actually owns the guns he reviews, it can be challenging to get excited over what can seem like yet another rewarmed version of a gun that has been on the market for years. But then I saw the Pack Rifle. At first glance, it appears that someone[.....]


Brunswick Stew is a favorite dish for many southerners. It originated in 1898 on the small islands off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia. The islands abounded with birds and wild game, and hunters camping on their hunting trips made the stew in a big iron pot over the campfire, using whatever game Read More…

The original recoil reducer: a rubber buttpad

The first rubber recoil pads were introduced for English shotguns in the 1870’s. They didn’t become stock equipment on guns until 1970’s. Simple and inexpensive, rubber pads provide only a limited recoil reduction. The next most popular technology is the dynamic muzzle brake. Read More…

9mm Just Right Carbine with 100rd Beta magazine and a 3x Primary Arms prismatic scope. Note that the gun is set up for left-hand ejection.

I first tried JRC carbines two years ago. The main attraction was the ability to switch controls and the ejection direction from right to left (I have a lot of left-handed friends). A magazine wanted to publish a review of the .45 ACP variant, but the maker sent 9mm version because the .45 Read More…


We are in the midst of an arms race not seen since the USSR and the USA duked it out over nuclear armageddon 25 years ago. It was set off by an unsuspecting person in an unsuspecting place: Chris Reeve in Idaho. Since the bomb drop that was the Sebenza, which was coincidentally first released[.....]