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Sighting a Berrett M82A1 with BORS ballistic calculator at Boomershoot annual event.

Most of us are very used to shooting from the bench. Many shooting ranges require it in order to guarantee that the shooters stay on the backstop. Supported shooting is comfortable and controlled, and a great way to shoot guns to their mechanical potential. When we say that a rifle shoots 1/2MOA, we Read More…

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Blade steel is the heart of any good knife, and yet for a lot of folks, wading in to metallurgy is not a fun or profitable venture.  For steel junkies, blade steel is the very reason to buy a knife, but for the rest of us, it’s all just an alphabet soup of terms.  What[.....]

The 30-40 Krag has been around for a long time. Older Krag ammo was stamped "30 USA," as seen here. This is some ancient factory ammo with 220-grain bullets. 
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The 30-40 Krag cartridge, also known as the 30 Army, 30 Government, and even the 30 USA, was used by the US Army for about a decade before being replaced by a better-designed and faster-moving round that itself was replaced within three years by the 30-06 Springfield. The Krag (not Read More…

Top 5

In any given year I actually look forward to the off season because it gives me a chance to mess with my bow and try new set-ups without potentially jeopardizing a hunt. The preparation can be almost as enjoyable as the hunt. Here are my top 5 things to do with your bow in the[.....]


I am addicted to coats of all styles, colors and shapes. I have two closets filled (ok maybe three, but who is counting) with what could be or might be a better jacket than the last. I own both stand-alone jackets and those that can be layered, but I most often find myself wearing a[.....]

The little Kimber Raptor and the Blackhawk Products holster that carries a spare mag - a hard combination to beat.

Many experts in the field of love and romance will tell you that it’s not a good idea to rekindle an old flame. The usual logic goes something like; “you left them for a reason,” or “you can’t bring back the love once it’s gone.” This might be well and good Read More…

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I grew up near Pittsburgh, PA, where, despite my suburban surroundings, I enjoyed hunting, fishing and trapping. Eventually I combined my passion for the outdoors with talent as a writer/photographer to mold a successful career on the edit staff of Sport Fishing magazine. I’ve been living in Rio Read More…

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Let’s play a game. Take this little quiz, it takes about 30 seconds: 1.  Do you have a bag on your person that contains things like a water filtration system, a method for lighting fires, and/or a fixed blade with more than 4″ of blade length? 2.  Do you carry a backup knife with Read More…

Getting Started

If you’ve been contemplating taking a bow afield in the fall, then the spring is the perfect time to get started. The weather is nice for outside practicing, and you’ll have plenty of time to improve accuracy. You can find some good deals on equipment in the off season, as well. So if Read More…