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The Declaration of Independence. Painting by John Trumbull. Source: Flickr via ooocha

Barry Ritholz has a pulled together a great collection of quotes from the Founding Fathers. And because these quotes belong to all of us, I’m going to do do something I wouldn’t normally do and steal them all. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, Read More…

Source: Flickr via dodo-bird

Mother Earth News has a great story about a guy who specializes in growing highly productive gardens using primitive, hunter-gatherer methods. Apart from being insecticide free and yielding food year-around, the best part about these gardens is that they don’t look like gardens. If you came Read More…


The number one bodily injury since the dawn of mankind is…. yes, you guessed it, hand injuries. Most of those injuries could be prevented with something as simple and comfortable as Mechanix Wear’s line of gloves. Protection of course needs to be tuned to the task at hand, with heat, Read More…

Bow Maintenance 3 FINAL

No matter the price of your bow, it’s an investment and it only makes sense to take care of that investment. The better care you take of your bow, the longer it will stand up to the abuse of hunting. Your strings and cables will break down faster than anything on your bow. Keeping them[.....]