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Leupold Rangefinder It’s not that my eyesight is getting fuzzy at my post-60 years of age, but it is. But that’s not the primary reason for having an electronic rangefinder in hand while hunting. Despite what most hunters think or say, most of us are pitiful at judging distances from our Read More…


Here is my recommendation for the best light and knife pair available for $100 or less. (Check out my recent post about the best pair for under $50.) Knife: SOG Mini Aegis The middle has fallen out of the market; we get tons of budget knives, many of which are quite good, and a ton of[.....]


I was assembling a new “get home” bag, and I wanted to include a 9mm handgun that wasn’t too expensive to possibly leave behind. After my very positive experience with Century Arms International’s AK, I noticed they introduced the Stingray-C, which is a compact pistol version of the Read More…


What happens when you put a mini video camera among a herd of deer? Just before Thanksgiving, my aide Ricardo and I enjoyed a fantastic hunt at Rancho el Nido in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. When we arrived, we were surprised to see a corn feeder set up right beside the ranch house. “More than 20[.....]


I’ve hunted geese for nearly a half century on three continents, in more places than I can remember. But never have I seen a spot so infested with Canada geese as Pierre, South Dakota, located near massive Lake Oahe on the sprawling Missouri River. Pierre is slap dab in the middle of the Mount Read More…