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Spending a day fishing with Jerry Gross of Meatgetter Jigs is like taking a graduate course in crappie fishing science. I was very fortunate to jam the whole course into one day on Lake Washington in Mississippi, one of the top crappie fishing lakes in the country. By the time my buddy and I Read More…

2. Walleyes

No fish is more sought-after in Ontario than the walleye. This great-eating and fun-to-catch species is found throughout the province in rivers, lakes, and waters large and small. Every Ontario walleye habitat has its own challenges for anglers, but fishermen who understand these simple truths about Read More…


By now you’re tired of hunting. Most of us are in the garage looking for a project before we have to get the lawnmower going, and I have just the ticket: it’s time plan your next fishing trip and to start gearing up for the spring fishing season. Dig out those tackle boxes and fishing[.....]