The LaserLyte training system


The LaserLyte training system

So here we are, waiting out the worst ammo shortage since WWII, terrified to think about going to the range to shoot what could be the last box of ammo we may see in the next month or more. What to do, what to do? Amidst the empty ammo shelves at my local gun shop, I saw a set of LaserLyte Reaction Trainer Targets which allow you to practice anytime, anywhere, without burning a round of ammo.

The LaserLyte training system requires both the Reaction Tyme targets and a laser insert, purchased separately based on caliber. The targets are durable 3”x4” black plastic housings operating in two modes. In Training/Manual mode, laser splash shots are shown on the target, which “celebrates” hits with two beeps and a LED flash. The other setting is Reaction Mode, which randomly lights the LED in 3-7 second intervals to work on your reaction.

LaserLyte’s universal barrel insert slips into the muzzle end and secures via an expanding plastic plug, somewhat like a drywall anchor but a bit more elegantly. The other component is a caliber specific O-ring, similar to what LaserLyte uses on their boresight products. Both versions are made from billet aluminum that has been hard anodized.

Secure the laser insert in the barrel and clock the insert to point of aim and you are ready to train. On the dedicated inserts, the momentary laser is triggered by the firing pin hitting the integrated snap cap in the cartridge, which works with 100% reliability. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the sound-activated LT-Pro Universal Pistol Trainer insert. Problems occurred with heavier revolvers, and tighter 1911 pistols where there was just not enough sound or vibration from the hammer drop to trigger the unit reliably.

The biggest advantages of this system is you can use your actual firearm for training, which I consider the feature of the LaserLyte system. Draws from the holster are possible, however I would buy the dedicated cartridge insert for this activity.

This system is designed from the ground up as a professional system that can record hits up to fifteen yards. From an operational perspective, the targets work independently and do not record or playback shooting hits (LaserLyte has another training target product for that).

With around $300 invested to start with the LaserLyte training target and insert system, the question is, it worth it? The answer is a resounding yes, especially at today’s ammo prices. This is a great training system which pays for itself really quickly and allows you to safely target practice anywhere or anytime.

This system delivers a highly valuable trigger control, sighting, and target acquisition trainer to practice holster to target hits. The LaserLyte also lets you attempt training that could be potentially unsafe with live ammo, or begin training with a new shooter in a safe, comfortable environment.


  • Two Reaction Tyme Targets with 2.5 inch diameter shooting ring: $175.95
  • LTS Universal Pistol Trainer Insert LT-PRO: $120.95
  • Fits calibers: 9mm to 45LC
  • Activation: Sound of striker or hammer
  • LTS Training Cartridge- 9 MM LT-9: $115.95
  • Hammer activated
  • LTS Training Cartridge- .223 LT-223: $104.95
  • Hammer activated


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