Gadget plucks a chicken in 14 seconds flat


Gadget plucks a chicken in 14 seconds flat

In my past life as a tech journo, I’ve reported on many, many gadgets. But I’ve never written a post on a gadget that plucks a chicken in 14 seconds… at least, not until today. Behold the Whizbang Chicken Plucker, via ThePrepperProject:

If our family goes through with our plan to get chickens this year, I may pick one of these up. We’re planning to buy hens for eggs, but at some point the hens stop laying, and then you eat them. Either that, or you become one of the growing number of jerks who drops off their chickens at the local animal shelter. Or, I guess you could keep a non-laying hen around indefinitely as a pet… which my girls may insist that we do, ultimately.

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