A guide to rifle bullets for big game hunting


A guide to rifle bullets for big game hunting

ChuckHawks.com is such a great reference site, and this in-depth look at “Bullets For Big Game Hunting” is no exception. You’re going to want to print this one out and save it. Not only does it introduce basic concepts in bullet design and ballistics, but each of the popular ammo makes gets a section detailing which of their products works the best for different types of scenarios. Here’s Remington, for example:

Remington has shown a good deal of useful creativity in bullet design. With their famous Core-Lokt bullet they pioneered a soft point bullet with an internal belt, or thickening, of the jacket about midway between the tip and base. This has proved to be an excellent design, allowing good expansion of the front part of the bullet, but usually retaining the core below the belt for decent penetration. The Core-Lokt comes in a wide variety of bullet styles, including flat point, round nose, and Pointed Soft Point (spitzer) types, and for practically all calibers. It is suitable for use on both CXP2 and CXP3 class game in appropriate calibers and with appropriate bullet weights. The regular Core-Lokt bullet will give better expansion and faster kills on CXP2 class game than the Core-Lokt Ultra, particularly at lower impact velocities.

Remington also offers the tougher Core-Lokt Ultra premium bullet, which combines an inner-belted Core-Lokt type jacket with a bonded core to insure high weight retention (Remington claims up to 90%) with 1.8x expansion. The Core-Lokt Ultra jacket is 20% thicker than a regular Core-Lokt jacket, and the inner belt is 50% thicker. This new Ultra bullet is intended for high velocity applications and large CXP3 class game, while still providing adequate performance on medium size CXP2 game at normal velocities.

Long ago Remington pioneered the use of a hard tip to further streamline certain spitzer bullets and act as a wedge to initiate expansion on impact. This is the Bronze Point bullet, and it is still being made today in a few calibers. The Bronze Point does not have the Core-Lokt’s inner belted jacket. A newer tipped bullet from Remington is the Accu-Tip, which uses a gold color polymer tip plus a boat tail and appears to be manufactured by Hornady. It looks like the SST bullet, cannelure, interlock, and all. Like other tipped bullets, the Bronze Point and Accu-Tip are quick opening designs.

My only criticism of the article is that it doesn’t have pictures. It would be great to have pictures, and maybe some YouTube videos, of some of the bullet types and concepts.

On a related note, if you’re looking for bullet info that’s more specific to the AR-15 platform, be sure to check out our AR-15 hunting guide.

(Hat tip to the ever-useful Griffin’s Guide for the link.)

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